Episode 273

Get More Dream Customers with Kathleen Shannon

November 2, 2021

Starting a business requires an understanding of what you offer and who you help. But do you know how to attract your dream customers and clients? In this episode, original Being Boss founders Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon discuss how to get more clients, ways to identify who your dream customer is, and what you can do to build dreamy business experiences with the people you serve.

Episode Transcript
"Your dream customer is the person who needs what you have to offer. They respect your expertise. They’re someone you can make a big impact for."
- Kathleen Shannon

Discussed in this Episode

  • Emily and Kathleen’s friendship since ending their partnership at Being Boss
  • What a dream customer is and why it matters for your business
  • The difference between dream clients and regular clients
  • Exercises to help you identify who your dream customer is
  • How to get more customers when you’re new to business and then work your way up to attracting dream customers
  • Building your business to best serve your ideal customers and clients
  • Having multiple types of dream clients
  • What to do when your standards of a dream customer changes

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