Episode 272

Staying Informed with Teresa Ruiz Decker

October 26, 2021

Being informed about social matters might not seem like a top business priority. But for many creative entrepreneurs who value world change, staying informed is an essential part of daily work. In this episode, Emily of Being Boss chats with copywriter and social justice dream catcher Teresa Decker. They have a powerful discussion about why being informed matters, what you (as a business owner) can do about it, and how leaders can utilize credible sources to fuel their larger mission. They also explain how the new email resource, Brewed, came to be and how it’s helping entrepreneurs in the community improve their business and mindset in today’s world.

Episode Transcript
"What is the work that means something to me so deeply that I can still pull myself out of bed to do the work, even when things aren’t going great?"
- Teresa Decker

Discussed in this Episode

  • Teresa’s entrepreneurial journey from corporate to soul-led business owner
  • The power in writing for business and social improvement
  • Why staying informed in the world today matters
  • How businesses and leaders can stay informed without burning out
  • What it takes to create real impact in the world with your work
  • The value in finding credible sources and reading different sides of a social issue
  • Staying informed within your industry in business (and why it helps the greater good)
  • How the new Being Boss newsletter, Brewed, took shape and has already become incredibly helpful for creative entrepreneurs
  • Tips for building a powerful, informative email newsletter

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