Episode 271

Find Clarity through Breathwork with Amy Kuretsky

October 19, 2021

We could all use a little deep breath while running a business these days. But something that can have a huge positive impact on our everyday lives is breathwork meditation. In this episode, Emily chats with Amy Kuretsky, a breathwork facilitator and acupuncturist for business owners, on how to use the breath for clarity, and creativity. They discuss the benefits of breathwork, what it does for our well-being, and how to get started with breathwork in a safe, stress-relieving way.

Episode Transcript
"Breathwork clears us for the deeper work but it also inspires us for the times when we have creative blocks."
- Amy Kuretsky

Discussed in this Episode

  • Breathwork benefits: what it is and why people use it
  • Amy’s experience when trying breathwork for the first time
  • Physical results of breathwork as it relates to stress and trauma
  • Amy’s theory of how breathwork mirrors a sequence of tarot cards
  • Why should creatives and business owners practice breathwork?
  • How often should you do breathwork to experience its benefits?
  • How to start using breathwork in your personal life and in business
  • Everyone has access to their breath— we just need to learn how to use it for our physical and mental health by using guided breathwork
  • Things to do to prepare yourself if you’re new to breathwork

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