Episode 270

The Magic of Creativity with Chris-Anne

October 12, 2021

How can creative business owners equip themselves with the magic of creativity? If you’re a visionary entrepreneur or artist, you likely know the struggle to find a balance between the mundane and the meaningful. In this episode, Emily chats with Chris-Anne, an oracle deck creator, designer, and marketing strategist. Together they explore the power of creativity in business, rituals for finding balance in productivity, and how to create work that fulfills your soul’s higher purpose.

Episode Transcript
"Magic feels like an ingredient of creativity."
- Chris-Anne

Discussed in this Episode

  • Chris-Anne’s entrepreneurial journey from design to oracle deck creator
  • The why behind “what’s your soul creating?” and how it helps attract dream clients
  • Creating what your soul wants vs. what you believe you should
  • What rituals Chris-Anne uses to prepare for creative work
  • Mindset shifts around what success and productivity mean
  • Finding balance between producing and surrendering during times of creative thinking
  • How to redefine success in a way that aligns with your soul’s fulfillment
  • Showing up to do the work and taking time for inner reflection

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