Episode 269

Manifesting with Crystals with Pamela Chen

October 5, 2021

Crystals are a hot topic these days, and it’s about time! In this episode, Emily chats with Pamela Chen about all things crystals. Pamela is the creator of the Crystal Unicorn Tarot and teacher of Quantum Wealth Coaching. Emily and Pamela discuss how to start manifesting with crystals, what crystals help with manifestation in business, and they each share stories of their powerful experiences with crystals and stones.

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"Crystals are natural, magical tools that help amplify your intentions for faster manifestation."
- Pamela Chen

Discussed in this Episode

  • Creativity altars and how Pamela uses her altar
  • Why are crystals special? What do they do?
  • How to use crystals to manifest what you want in business and life
  • Which programmed crystals Pamela is working with lately
  • How to open up and intuitively allow crystal wisdom to help you manifest
  • What is a crystal grid? How do people use them?
  • Boss suggestions for the best crystals for manifesting wealth and success
  • Aliens, spiritual wisdom, and many other stories regarding crystals


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[00:00:00] Emily Thompson: Hello bosses, Emily here with a super timely update. We have a virtual event coming in October 2021 that I really want you to know about, even though we talk entrepreneur mindset and business practices, many bosses, like you feel really connected to us here because we incorporate the woo into what we do too.

[00:00:18] And every October we show up to really embrace our boss magic. On October 6th and 7th 2021. We're going live with our second virtual gathering, an opportunity to set aside time for yourself to explore the connections between our creative businesses and our magical practices for those a woo and woo curious amongst you. Join panels with experts in the spiritual space workshops and more while hanging out and connecting with bosses who are just as gloriously weird as you learn more and join now, by going to beingboss.club/gathering, this event is exclusive to and totally free for clubhouse members.

[00:00:56] That's beingboss.club/gathering.

[00:01:01] Welcome to Being Boss, a podcast for creatives, business owners and entrepreneurs who want to take control of their work and live life on their own terms. I'm your host, Emily Thompson. And today we're sinking deep into the woo side of what we do it's October. And this is the month where we always bring some of our boss magic to the podcast.

[00:01:21] And today I'm bringing back in Pamela Chen to chat with me about manifesting with crystals. We're sharing some crystal basics, talking about working with stones, crystal grids, and her favorite stones for manifesting as a creative business owner.

[00:01:39] As a boss, you know that starting and scaling your business are two very different things, but we have to dive into vote. First starting then scape, and you're going to need help all along the way. And since you're obviously a podcast listener, I recommend checking out the Entrepreneurs On Fire podcast as another resource to help you on your path. From episodes on getting funding, to building businesses based on creative ideas, it features amazing conversations, strategies, and tools that help you tap into your entrepreneurial spirit

[00:02:10] no matter where you are on your journey. Listen, learn and grow with entrepreneurs on fire on the HubSpot podcast network at hubspot.com/podcastnetwork.

[00:02:24] Pamela Chen is a business Ascension and energetic wealth coach for powerful women who desire it all. She helps spiritual entrepreneurs swirl all their magic gifts and certifications into a marketable niche to build a six to seven figure business of ease and flow. Pamela has also self-published Crystal Unicorn Tarot, and as a debt creator and author with Llewellyn worldwide.

[00:02:49] Her first published act Witchling Academy Tarot came out in March of this year and her first book Enchanted Crystal Magic, spells grids and potions to manifest your desires is coming out in November of this year.

[00:03:15] Pam welcome back to being boss. I'm so glad to have you here. 

[00:03:19] Pamela Chen: Yey! Emily! Thank you for having me back and being in the Being Boss Community. 

[00:03:24] Emily Thompson: Yes, of course. I do have to tell you that your manifesting money episode, that we did this spring, and I'm sorry that I can't remember what episode everyone go back to. Like it probably can out March, April, you will find a link to it in the show notes of this episode, but your manifesting money episode that we did was probably one of the highest performing episodes of the year.

[00:03:45] Everyone loves manifesting money. 

[00:03:47] Pamela Chen: Yes, that's so cool. Actually, someone on Instagram today, tag us both. Just like now 

[00:03:54] Emily Thompson: No! I love that! People are still listening to it, they are still loving it. And while I am here, I will actually pull this up and try to tell everyone what episode that was. It looks like that was episode number 255.

[00:04:09] It did come out in March. I think anyone wants to check that one out again, one of our highest performing episodes of the year, we're here to do like manifesting 201. If that was manifesting 101 or more like 102, I guess, because it was money specific. We're going into next level using tools to manifest today, right?

[00:04:33] Pamela Chen: Yes we are. Yes, we are. 

[00:04:35] Emily Thompson: Let's dive in. So if anyone does want to hear. Pam story, go back to that episode 255, and you will hear how Pam got to where she is today. All the things that she's doing, though, she's working on some new things that we'll be talking about in a moment. So I'm going to skip the usual intro today, and I really just want to jump into an update.

[00:04:57] What have you been working on since we chatted this spring? What's going on? 

[00:05:01] Pamela Chen: Yeah. So since this spring we have been restructuring our entire business program for spiritual entrepreneurs, because we figured out that we can hit multiple six figures, but not seven figures. So we had, yeah, so that was like a whole new thing.

[00:05:19] It was work, but I had fun. I had a lot of fun, it was a lot of good momentum going. And we finally got a website that 

[00:05:29] Emily Thompson: Congratulations!. 

[00:05:31] Pamela Chen: Thank you about, it's like a big thing. I'm actually also now getting another author website because for the books and stuff, I guess I need that. So now I'm going to have to flip side coming from no website.

[00:05:43] So that's amazing. Witchling Academy Tarot came out. I don't know if we talked. Yes. Okay. So that was exciting. What we're talking about today, the enchanted crystal magic. That's coming out in November 2021. So that is like now, and I'm actually, I'm collaborating right now. We're brainstorming, but me and Madame Pamita, I think we're going to roll out like a unicorn crystal spell thing on 1111.

[00:06:12] Like you get the books, you get crystals, you get candles, get oils, like do a. Spell. Oh, that's coming out really, really excited for that, because that was my first book. I don't know if we talked if I signed for the Owl Tarot already. But I think maybe

[00:06:32] Emily Thompson: That was like, you were inkling around that. 

[00:06:34] Pamela Chen: Okay. Okay. So it's resigned.

[00:06:37] It's happening. I Owl Tarot is almost finished. I think she has like 19 artwork done Elizabeth Alba, who is the artist for Everyday Witch Tarot. So it's going to, yes, it's going to be amazing. And I actually just got a contract a few months ago for Steam Punk Fairy Tarot, Steam Punk Fairy Tarot. Yes. So that, and my artist is Ashley Cassidy.

[00:07:03] She's like this really cool, like digital artists that like we found and everything just like went really smoothly with her. So definitely some crystal manifesting there. Yeah. What else? I've been learning to play the harp. 

[00:07:22] Emily Thompson: P.S the harp, 

[00:07:26] Pamela Chen: P.S the harp. And I'm actually, I actually got a beauty coach. So she is like with new skin, which is like a really good product, like a brand and what it's like inside and out. And because I'm like obsessed with Korean pop stars, you know, idol, BTS, black pink. So she's Korean, her whole team's Korean.

[00:07:48] So she's like, do this, do that. So I've been, I've been working with her and I think I just got a download for a new money program that might, I might launch this, this winter. I know it's fast, but money magic. You said it yourself. Everybody loves Money Magic. 

[00:08:05] Emily Thompson: Indeed. Well, you are doing so much and creating so much before we dive into the real topics I have.

[00:08:15] What are you doing to hold the space to create this much in this moment? 

[00:08:20] Pamela Chen: Okay. Okay. So are you talking about the actual creating process, the inspiration or after it has already realized? 

[00:08:29] Emily Thompson: I think both. Because you're definitely doing both. Like you have a light coming out that you've created in the past, but then you're also actively creating a whole lot now.

[00:08:38] Pamela Chen: Okay. So I just try not to stress about it. I don't stress about it. So I'm more of like, so I get like into this flow and I'm sure all of this has tapped into it, but I've been playing it with more this year being consciously inflow. So I will check in with myself, like in the morning or in the afternoon, like if I was already, you know, making a hundred thousand dollars a month and you know, my book is on New York times bestseller.

[00:09:08] What would I do today? What I show up on social media, do my stories. Does it feel good? Oh, I want, because I want to make money. Right? You share, you have to share what I, what else would I do? Do I feel like writing today? And I do have a really long deadline because the artist has to create their own artwork.

[00:09:28] So I was like, do I feel like writing? Does it feel like the owl is today? And if I do, then I'll start typing it. And once you get into that flow, it's not about like working hard. So I might type for four to five hours that day and finish like 20 cards. Which is awesome, but it's not, but I'm not working hard because it's just like coming in.

[00:09:50] Right. So like yesterday, so this is new. So yesterday I'm just like, okay, I actually did a few stuff. So, you know, I kind of like looked over this and I know we're doing something in October. I looked at brick that I have a few presentations coming up too. And then I was like, wait, I feel like doing a book proposal that I've been kind of like turning for that.

[00:10:12] So I actually wrote out like maybe 80% of my book proposal last night at like 9:00 PM, but it's not work for me because they just like happened. 

[00:10:23] Emily Thompson: Oh, you know, what's coming up for me, as you're saying, this is that you're just not standing in your own way. Right. Like you're just showing up and doing, what's coming to you and seeing what happens.

[00:10:34] And you're not like questioning or doubting or excusing or whatever. Showing up and doing the work. 

[00:10:41] Pamela Chen: Yeah. I think a lot of times when we're entrepreneurs, we do need boundaries, but it's like, we, sometimes we set these boundaries and we actually construct ourselves and our flow. So in our business, we don't have like office hours for our clients to reach us, you know, everyone's everywhere anyway.

[00:11:01] But if I'm like, okay, I'm only in the group Monday to Friday, nine to five, what happens if Saturday morning I get like the inspiration to teach a live or someone submit something and I'm like, Ooh, I want to edit that right now. Then it's like, oh, I can't do it. It's not office hours. Right. 

[00:11:20] Emily Thompson: For sure. 

[00:11:21] Pamela Chen: And holding the space. So holding the space, I actually pray. Solid create like little altars before all of my projects, actually the owl and the stink punk ferry is on one alter. It's like my writing altar kind of. So I used a, are you familiar with Jamie Sawyer's pocket of peers? Yes. Okay. So in her deck, she has like Mary Greer, right?

[00:11:47] Rachel Paula, and like all these amazing, tarot inspirational writers and masters. So I actually have them as my, like archetype on my writing [00:12:00] alter and I pulled out all the ACEs. So like the ACE of Pentacles, ACE of swords, ACE, you know, and I put the, so that's like my writing altar and then like, whatever, writing, sometimes I'll light a candle or do like a mini altar for each one.

[00:12:16] Um, but that just like, felt really good to me to have like an overall like, and it's like holding the space and tell it comes from. 

[00:12:24] Emily Thompson: Nice. Okay. So when you're creating, so you create these altars whenever you start a project and are you visiting with them every day or are they just sort of often a corner?

[00:12:33] What does it look like to have an use in altar for these projects? 

[00:12:38] Pamela Chen: So I'm bad at cleaning. You should've cleaned her off, but you're, you're supposed to clean your altars. I do spray it with like a smile. Okay. Like maybe every other day I actually do that. So I do clear the energy. Um, I do visit, but when I'm feeling, when I'm about to write or if I'm stuck or if I'm like, Ooh, I need inspiration.

[00:13:00] I will go up to the alternative. Mary. No, just kidding.

[00:13:07] No, I'm just like, okay. You know, I am filled, I am filled with inspiration, creative ideas. It's flowing through me and, you know, just like, get into that state of, if you were already writing, like your best-selling book or deck that you created, what would you feel? And so you just want to like, hold that energy and then you can be like, Ooh, okay, I'm going to tighten up.

[00:13:32] Emily Thompson: Okay guys, we weren't even going to talk about alter studio. This is like some impromptu good stuff that we're, that we're into. I love that. Thank you for sharing that, that feels like a very personal practice and I appreciate you sharing. And also just congratulations and all the things that you have going.

[00:13:51] I also another sort of quick sidebar question and we'll get into the real stuff I promise. Is this owl deck, because I have a question about the owls. I feel like the owls are having a moment and I'm wondering if you're feeling this. And I say this because, my friend Maia Toll did, Herbiary and the Bestiary and the Crystallary.

[00:14:10] And I remember, yeah, I remember whenever she was writing the Bestiary and I can't remember if this was. If she said this on our podcast, or she said this in a personal conversation that I was having with her, but she was talking about how, like, she, I guess channelled all of those books. And so she would sit down and be like, you know what, animal wants to know who to share with them today.

[00:14:32] And they would, and she had so many owls coming through that. At some point she had to be like, Enough owls, like this is a Bestiary, not an Owlery, whatever. Like we need other animals than owls. So as you're talking about your owl deck, which I feel like even in the beginning of the process of that creative project, it all kind of has had a similar time.

[00:14:55] What's up with the owls. What do they need to tell us? 

[00:14:59] Pamela Chen: I think there were just like, kind of not pissed off, but like, why didn't we have, why don't we have a tarot deck? Like we're in everyone's tarot decks, we're in every tarot or call right. The moon card, like there's an owl. And so they're like, what about our own?

[00:15:14] Like, it was just like time I think. And so I literally that one, I wrote my side did the 78 card descriptions and my proposal in three days. I think they were just like, get us out. 

[00:15:27] Emily Thompson: Yeah. It sounds like it. Oh, wow. Okay. Well, I cannot wait to see that deck. I cannot wait to like, read all the things that the owls need to tell us, but it feels like the owls are like busting out.

[00:15:41] Pamela Chen: They are, you know, they are full of wisdom and they do have a lot of knowledge, but they're also very funny. They're super funny. So I was talking to Elizabeth because she's doing the majors right now and she was doing the chariot. And I think I wrote like, you know, big owl and like little aloes like marching.

[00:15:59] And so she's like, they kind of look like slaves she wants, which is like, can we change them? I was like, yes. So I'm up against, that's not the energy of the chariot. So, and, and her sketch, I was like, okay. They do look like little owl slaves, like pulling this big guy. 

[00:16:18] Emily Thompson: Yep. I can see you have cute. 

[00:16:21] Good. That sounds like a good shift to make.

[00:16:24] Well, congrats again, on all of the things that you're doing. I'm excited about all of the decks, and all of the projects, but we are here today to talk about crystals in particular, because you have a crystal book coming out. It is October and at Being Boss. We have always used October to really dive face first into the woo side of business, the spiritual side of showing up and doing this really soul driven work in a way that is very much so like, we're going to be in your face about it.

[00:16:54] We want to talk crystals. We want to talk about manifesting. We are always here to talk tomorrow and all of those things. So I do want to talk about manifesting with crystals because you've been working on, or you have coming out very close to the release of this. I think it's as of recording and publishing, it'll be on pre-order, but coming out in November, a new book. 

[00:17:15] Pamela Chen: Yes! They don't give me the date because we just never know.

[00:17:18] Emily Thompson: You never know. November-ish. 

[00:17:20] Pamela Chen: November, beginning of November, I believe. And it's really exciting. This book, I think is like my soul book. So it was like all the knowledge that I've already, you know, because we do have a crystal shop and I went to all the shows, talked with the dealers, worked with crystals myself for a long time, so I didn't really have to research as much.

[00:17:40] Emily Thompson: Yeah. And what's the book called? 

[00:17:42] Pamela Chen: So I just memorize the whole title 

[00:17:46] Emily Thompson: and I know this is a feat, so congratulations on that. Feel free to spill it. 

[00:17:51] Pamela Chen: Enchanted Crystal Magic. Enchanted Crystals Magic: Spells, Grids and Potions To Manifest Your Desires. 

[00:18:02] Emily Thompson: Beautiful. Oh, I cannot wait to read this one. If, for anyone who is new, I also own a crystal shop, so I will, yeah.

[00:18:09] Ordering this one, wholesale selling it in my store. All the things cannot wait and mostly also to dive into it because you've definitely been working with the crystals on this level far longer than I have. I can't wait to tap into that knowledge, but we're going to do like a pre tapping into that literally today in this episode, are you ready to do it?

[00:18:30] Yes. Perfect. Then I want to start very basic with just crystals. What are they and why are really like, how are they different from other rocks? What makes crystal special? 

[00:18:44] Pamela Chen: So scientifically, which I know some, I'm not like know scientists, but they have molecules and atoms that have repeating patterns like over and over, over again.

[00:18:57] And that's how they create that vibrational energy. Right. And that's how, that's why each crystal is structured so differently because of that repeating pattern. So I feel that crystals are these natural magical tools. And it helps amplify your intentions for faster manifestation. They are minerals like rocks.

[00:19:19] You can use rocks, you could play with rocks in your grids, right? You could use crystals and rocks, right? They have, they just have the ability to store more energy and are naturally filled with that positive energy from the earth or because each structure, each pattern of the crystal is different. It emits different energy.

[00:19:40] That's how you have crystals for healing. You have crystal for grounding, for a psychic intuition, whatever it is, money for money. 

[00:19:47] Emily Thompson: Yes, yes for money. Yeah. So in my understanding of this too, is that, that molecular perfection that you're talking about right. Is also super solid. Like it's not going to change and because it's not going to change.

[00:20:02] It can actually change you like your water, right? Like you are mostly water and water is extremely changeable, so right. Bring a crystal into your, like close to you. And the perfection of a crystal can actually shift your unperfect molecules. 

[00:20:23] Pamela Chen: I love that. Yes. 

[00:20:26] Emily Thompson: Right. Oh man. I love some rocks. We're totally going to end up just nerding out about this.

[00:20:32] Are you ready? Okay. Then let's talk about, let's talk about grids because you just brought up actually let's hold on the grids for a second. I want to first talk about, you know, you have crystals, we just sort of talked about what it looks like to bring a crystal near you and how it can affect you. But what does it mean to work with a stone?

[00:20:53] Pamela Chen: So I know a lot of people have different beliefs about working with the stone. I just think of crystals as like my guides. So I think I also think of them as like megaphones to the universe, sending out my intention or receiving like a funnel and working with the crystal can be as deep or light as you desire.

[00:21:15] So if like you said, if you have a crystal by you, if you have a crystal on your dresser, you're working with the crystal because it's really, it's changing your water energy, right? Your, your, your frequency, your vibration. And so you're distantly working with it. But if you do really want to see, like, this is my intentional result that I want, like right now, and then we can program the crystal.

[00:21:42] So we never really need to work with the stone from manifesting because we're infinite beings, powerful manifesters. But I just think that working with something physical really helps, like bring those thoughts and intentions into the reality into the physical 3D realm. So, and like you said, Crystal's already naturally attuned to what we want.

[00:22:05] Right. So why not work with it? So you can program your crystal. And what that really means is just letting the crystal know, what is your intention of working with it? Like, what do you hope to achieve? Right. And then you work with that crystal. However you desire, you put it by you, you keep it with you, you keep it on your altar, you do a spell with it.

[00:22:26] However you feel good about it. That's how you can, work with the crystal. 

[00:22:32] Emily Thompson: Yes. And I love that you put it the way that you just did because I feel like a lot of people often talk about programming a crystal. And you sort of hinted on this that I, I believe that you're not really affecting much the crystal, that you are more so creating this like a cognitive connection between that crystal and what it is that you want.

[00:22:52] So it's like creating any kind of talisman or like good luck charm, right? Like you have your lucky boxers and you haven't actually done anything different to the boxers. You've just quote-unquote, infused them with your intention of I'm going to put on my boxers and feel lucky. I don't know why they're lucky boxers.

[00:23:10] But I think crystals are the same way, but unlike boxers crystals actually do have some like physical properties that shift your energy. And I think that. I think that programming crystals again, I think a lot of people feel very disconnected from that process of like, I don't know what I'm doing, but what you're literally doing is creating just a connection in your own brain between this rock and what it is that you want.

[00:23:37] I, for example, I have a crystal, I have a smoky Lemurian, a tiny guy at home, right. It's funny now that I sort of think about this, this might not be the most aligned intention, but it works for me. But I have quote-unquote programs, this crystal for ease.

[00:23:55] Pamela Chen: Okay. 

[00:23:56] Emily Thompson: And whenever I just need things to feel a little bit easier, to feel a little more open, to feel, a little simpler.

[00:24:04] I will pick up that crystal of all the crystals in my bowl. Right. And I will put that one in my pocket and that's the one I'm carrying around all day long. And every time I fill up my pocket, I remember, oh, I'm supposed to feel a little more. 

[00:24:16] Pamela Chen: Yeah!

[00:24:17] Emily Thompson: Right. And so that process, that's how I work with that process. And it feels considerably more attainable. I think when there's like weird, etherical idea of like programming a crystal. 

[00:24:29] Pamela Chen: Right. And, you know, I work with the flow, so I do pick up a crystal. I'm like, just give me the, just give me the blessing like you hear. Okay. But I'm very intentional with everything I do and what I'm thinking.

[00:24:43] And you don't want to let your subconscious brain dictate what you want from the crystal or from the universe. Right. That's why we program it. Because if you just let your subconscious brain knows, who knows what you are thinking from your past programmings. So for the newbie crystal, people who love crystals and you're new to magic, I would highly suggest you tell the crystal what you want.

[00:25:07] Right. 

[00:25:07] Emily Thompson: Yeah, absolutely. What crystals, what programs crystals are you working with these days? 

[00:25:14] Pamela Chen: Oh, okay. So I actually just picked up, can they see me? I don't know. 

[00:25:20] Emily Thompson: No, we probably wouldn't go show it, show it. I love it. 

[00:25:22] Pamela Chen: Okay. So I just picked up this Moldavite ring at the show in Denver. And so I don't like Moldavite, it blew up because of Tik Tok.

[00:25:32] I mean, I love Moldavite now, but I was never like into it. And one of our clients is like, go get me a Moldavite ring. So I was like searching and searching and because it blew up on Tik Tok, the prices went up, everybody bought it out. And so I think it was like the last day we found this like reputable vendor because you have to make sure it's real.

[00:25:55] Right. There's a lot of fakes out there. And so he had. Like he had some left and I just, like, I was buying for her buying for someone else and I picked one up, put it on because I had to try on the sizes for them, you know? And I was like, whoa, it's vibrating, like vibrating on my, it felt 

[00:26:12] Emily Thompson: okay. I mean, I know Moldavite.

[00:26:15] Pamela Chen: I was like, whoa, like, and stuff like, this is mine. So I bought it. And two hours, it was like vibrating, but since it is a more, you know, a power like a potent crystal, I did take it off so that I'm more used to the energy. Right. Since then, like, things like things happened, like maybe some of the stuff that I told you all came like within a week of like getting this and I, this actually this week, it didn't want to, it didn't want me to wear it because they hurt when I was wearing it.

[00:26:51] So I took it off. I lost it for a couple of days yesterday. I put it on, it felt uncomfortable. Like something was digging into me and it doesn't. And so I took it off. I cleanse it, whatever. And then I was like, I'm going to wear it today for Emily. And it let me have special. 

[00:27:07] Emily Thompson: Thank you for blessing me with the presence of your Moldavite.

[00:27:12] Pamela Chen: So it was like, I want to, I want to go on the show. I'm like, okay.

[00:27:15] Emily Thompson: I love it. Oh, that's good. I appreciate the little wink. I have been doing a lot of reading and research on Moldavite because yes, it's big on Tik Tok, but at the shop, we get calls every single week of people who are not Tik Tokers who want Moldavite.

[00:27:30] Moldavite is like one of those, like an undercurrent. Just stones that like people who read about it just wanted, I mean, it's a massive transformation. It is often correlated with the holy grail. Like it is a legit stone. So high five. Thank you. I appreciate you sharing that with me.

[00:27:55] Pamela Chen: Yeah. And so I was actually talking to a dealer about it and you can probably tell your clients. So she said that there's only like four, like four places, four mines where Moldavite is at. And actually, their government closed down like three recently. So even her as, because she wasn't minor, even her as like this big distributor, she couldn't, her people

[00:28:20] couldn't get it for her. And everybody's like buying it out too. So there's that? 

[00:28:25] Emily Thompson: Yeah. It's very hard to find. And you're right. It's very expensive. David and I were looking at the other, it's like a hundred bucks a gram, I guess. It's, which is tiny guys did tiny amount for very much lots of money. 

[00:28:38] Pamela Chen: Yes. Yes.

[00:28:40] Emily Thompson: So fascinating. Oh, that's thank you for sharing that story. I think that, Moldavite is such a cool one and I love that. Like, sometimes it wants you and sometimes it doesn't and also that's really what it feels like to work with a stone, right. To like, you have to. You have to like be so, and guys, I am a rock person.

[00:29:02] Like I, I get the crystals, we're friends, but I can also look at a rock, like a rock. But when it comes to working with a stone, you do have to sort of being in conversation with it of like, what's up with you today? How are you feeling? How am I feeling? How are we working together? What does this look like?

[00:29:20] And sometimes things don't, you don't need those things. And like, you have to be sort of conscious of that. And if you aren't, they will disappear. Your rocks will absolutely disappear for a couple of days or a couple of weeks or a couple of months sometimes just to come back and like the weirdest places.

[00:29:39] Pamela Chen: Yeah, actually, this just like came up because I actually have an Amber in my boobs right now. So it's one of a, so it's like my first time working with Amber also. And I think at the shows I had it while I was wearing this ring. So maybe they want to be together today because I saw it because I wasn't wearing the Amber with my [00:30:00] Moldavite before, but I just saw it today and I was like, put me in your boob.

[00:30:04] And I'm like, okay. And so I stuck it on top of my ring and they were okay. So maybe that's the thing. Maybe they need a balance each other out. 

[00:30:12] Emily Thompson: Maybe, maybe they, you just need to be friends. Maybe they have something important to teach you. 

[00:30:16] Pamela Chen: Listen to your crystals. 

[00:30:18] Emily Thompson: Yeah. Oh, perfect. That's some great examples of what it looks like to really, really work with some crystals.

[00:30:24] And I think that too, I mean, if you're still here listening to it, you're into it. Right. Which I appreciate. But spending time with spending time with your stones and being sort of open to what you're feeling and hearing in your head, or, you know, what you're just sort of generally interested in that's you like tapping into your intuition in a way that most people are not, you know, in the, or otherwise taught to connect?

[00:30:50] Pamela Chen: Yeah. I just want to say that it's not like a voice. It's like, oh, I am your crystal. It's literally like my own voice. And I'm just like thinking, but I just know that it's my intuition and I follow with it. So, because I remember in the beginning, everybody would be like, Ooh, this feels so good. I'm happy.

[00:31:09] And I pick it up and I'd be like, what are they feeling? It's like, we get it. We get it that you don't feel it. Or don't, you know, hear it, whatever it is. But you will, the more that you just open up and allow.

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[00:33:19] Okay. So let's talk about that opening up and allowing when it comes to crystals. Cause I feel like this is like where the manifestation piece comes in. Yes. Right? So like. You see a crystal, you have it. And I also, I just want to share mine because mine's in my hand and like yelling at me, looking at this record keeper, Ruby, that I have in my hand.

[00:33:38] Pamela Chen: Wow! It's huge.

[00:33:41] Emily Thompson: This is so my little story of like, why also deal in so many rocks that like, they almost don't have an effect on me sometimes. Like it's just more rocks y'all but sometimes I see one and I'm like, holy cow, that's mine.

[00:34:00] Right? That was totally mine and so also, if you are, if you are walking into a crystal store, especially if it's your first stone or stones like that's really the secret.

[00:34:09] There is no, like what is my first rock? Like no one can answer that for you go in and your rock will yell at you. This one yelled at me. I have all the crystals that were laid out. I saw that one and I kept going back to it right. Of like this one's mine. And this one has been in my hands, for several days.

[00:34:26] And I love it very, very well. Very dear friends. So let's talk about being open to crystals though because we've talked about like, you know, in the mornings I will go to my like tray of crystals and be like, who wants to hang out with me today? Right. Like pick up the one and then move along with my day.

[00:34:44] And so starting that conversation being really open, how does that translate into working with a stone for an intention of manifesting. 

[00:34:56] Pamela Chen: So like Emily says, once you've seen that stone, you're just like, or five stones, whatever. I go to her shop, you see like five, get them all because you might use them at different, different parts of your journey.

[00:35:11] You don't know, and it's calling to you. So if you see that stone, you hold that stone and you're like, okay, you can Google it and see, or look in my book, see what the meaning. I don't have all of them. You only have like a little, like, I selected specific crystals, but you can see like, okay, what is this crystal for?

[00:35:30] Maybe I am looking for love. Maybe I'm looking for money. Oh, this is for money. Right? Because it's green, it's yellow, it's gold. It's for money. Right? And then you can ask your crystal, Hey, crystal, I want to work with you. This is what I desire. This is what I want to make happen. And I want to collaborate with you.

[00:35:49] I want you to help me make it happen. And once you programmed your crystal, then you can keep it with you. So I usually like Emily, I usually hold it. I'll be like, it's really hard shopping for rocks carrying a rock. I just have to say that, right. So you can hold it. You can put it in your bra or you could put it in your pocket, put it in your bag, however you feel.

[00:36:14] And then you can every morning you just go back to the same crystal and see if it's still ready for you. See if it's still if it's still happening, see if you're still having work, you know, that you have to do with it. And so sometimes they'll just notice like, oh, I don't want to, I don't want to put this cause still my bra anymore, or it'll fly off of you and disappear.

[00:36:35] Cause they're rolled under something and you can't get it. So that means you're done working with it. Move on. 

[00:36:40] It's really that simple.

[00:36:41] Emily Thompson: I have an interesting story about, the crystal going missing. We have these really beautiful amazonite palm stones and they're gorgeous. They're like the most beautiful grade I've ever seen.

[00:36:54] And they're just like a really nice shape. And I snagged one, cause I was, I usually work with like Rue chakra stones, like give me black tourmaline all day or heart or third eye. Like those are my three chakras. But this amazonite is not my usual, it's not my usual stone. And I was like, and it was like, I feel like I should.

[00:37:14] And not like, I feel intuitively like I should, I feel conditionally. Like I should have one of these and it was on my dresser for a while. For on my nightstand. And I kept looking at it thinking like, I should want more amazonite in my life. And again, not intuitively I should want, but I should like conditionally I should want.

[00:37:35] And so I started putting in my pocket until it's disappeared because it was not my stone. Right. But it was not like I was forcing it on my end. I knew as soon as it went missing, I was like, oh, I know, I know it was not, the stone should be working with right now, but I felt like I should be again, conditionally, not intuitively.

[00:37:55] And it just disappeared. I have no idea where it is. 

[00:37:58] Pamela Chen: Yeah, I like that the crystals just tell you if these, I think in the past I tried to work with the moldavite when everyone was like, Ooh, moldavite, I'm like, I want big transformation. Yeah. And I know we got some before and I kept one. Now it's somewhere. 

[00:38:15] Emily Thompson: You got a hundred dollars gram of moldavite hiding in your drawer somewhere. 

[00:38:19] Pamela Chen: But this one, just like, you know, like, you know, like, oh yeah, this is it.

[00:38:25] Emily Thompson: Yeah. 

[00:38:26] I do think that one day I might be ready for the amazonite and it'll just pop back. 

[00:38:29] Pamela Chen: Yeah, I think so, too. 

[00:38:31] Emily Thompson: Yep, it'll sure back up. Okay. Perfect. Weird crystal stories aside for the moment. Let's move a little bit, a little bit deeper because we've talked to. Working with them. And really it's just about opening yourself up, right?

[00:38:43] It's about opening yourself up intuitively and it's very much so it's a practice of asking yourself what you want, right? Like it's just, it's listening to yourself intuitively on that level as well. So it's picking up to crystal and be like, you know, what are you doing for me today? What are we doing together today?

[00:39:03] And sure. You're talking to a rock, but you're also very much so talking to yourself in a way that you likely aren't otherwise. Right. You know, you're not asking like, what do I want, what am I trying to manage? What am I trying to accomplish? You're not asking yourself that usually every day, unless you're looking at your little spread of crystals on your nightstand and going, who's hanging out with me today.

[00:39:27] Pamela Chen: You know, I actually, if you don't believe, like, if you're just like, oh yeah, I want to work with crystals, but I really don't believe. You can actually tap into the collective beliefs right now, because we talked about Tik Tok and how it's an Instagram and crystals are becoming like a thing. And everybody believes, like they all believe right.

[00:39:48] Millions and millions of views on what is this carnelian, carnelian got sold out. 

[00:39:55] Emily Thompson: Carnelian is sold out because of Tik Tok, everybody. 

[00:39:58] Pamela Chen: And we don't know as we went to the show, there was no carnelian. And we're like, what? Like, we don't Tik Tok. Maybe we should. So you can tap into that belief, right?

[00:40:07] Like, oh, okay. It is real. Like everyone thinks is real. It must be real. 

[00:40:12] Emily Thompson: Yeah. Or at least fake it for a while. And then at some point, cause I will say whenever I started Almanac, I wanted a rock shop. Like I've always loved rock rock shop. Right. I've always loved rocks. I've always been amazed by crystals and understood that my connection to crystals was probably something a little bit more because I was so attracted to them, but they were also just rocks.

[00:40:38] Right. But I was open to it and a couple of years, four years into it. Now I'm hanging on rocks all the time. Go up, leave. My crystals will disappear and reappear at the weirdest moments like there an I've touched a couple of y'all like you're vibrating moldavite. In general, I'm pretty energetically dense.

[00:40:57] I don't feel great. I'm not that person at a show. Who's like hovering my hand over the crystal cause there are people that do that y'all. 

[00:41:05] Pamela Chen: With their pendulum, but they really, every single crystal. 

[00:41:11] Emily Thompson: Yes, every single one that they are paying and they will put their pendulum over, like hover their hand and listen and ask questions.

[00:41:17] Like I see the mumbling to themselves. And like, again, if that's your game, I love that for you, but I'm not that person. However, I've spent enough time with crystals that, and I have felt a few where I'm into it, y'all into it. So if you can't believe yourself, believe that. I believe. 

[00:41:34] Pamela Chen: I think we're saying we're the same.

[00:41:36] And for us, it's like, you see it, you know it, and you want it. That's really it. Like you see it, you know, that's yours and you want it like that. 

[00:41:45] Emily Thompson: Yeah. Or I know who's going to want it, or I know that it is wantable somewhere 

[00:41:50] Pamela Chen: in my shop. 

[00:41:51] Emily Thompson: Yeah, for sure. Okay, good. So that's individual stones and it's really about,

[00:41:57] sort of having this physical momentum that reminds you of the intentions that you're setting. It is allowing the molecular perfection, unchangeable, perfection of the crystal, to legitimately affect your molecularly imperfect and very changeable self. And it's about getting in touch with what it is that you want consistently and how all of those things working together.

[00:42:24] Create some magic, right. Now let's talk about grids and mentioned grids a minute ago, and I think that's a big part of your book, correct? 

[00:42:33] Pamela Chen: It is. I have a whole chapter on grids. Yes. 

[00:42:36] Emily Thompson: Nice. So let's talk about crystal grids. First, what is a crystal grid?

[00:42:41] Pamela Chen: So crystal grids are just a pattern that you create with the crystals to amplify your intention even more. So you can use, everybody,

[00:42:54] if you don't know, you can Google it. Secret geometry shapes. You can use normal shapes like circles, a square, a star, a heart. Right. And it can relate to what your intention is. So I do a lot of spells and rituals, and we know that with spells and rituals, you want to add other elements into your spells to like power them up, right?

[00:43:17] Let the universe work with you, let the cosmic, let the planets, work with you. So sometimes you might add a color or a candle, or maybe like work on certain days of the week, because Thursday is Jupiter and that's money day, right. Abundance day. So I think creating a grid is really like that. Like just adding a bunch of like elements to make like a bigger, bigger element, a bigger power, right.

[00:43:44] To like launch your intentions into the universe. So if you place your crystals in a specific pattern, People just give your, intentions a mega boost and it creates a potent energetic connection with all of these crystals. Imagine how powerful one crystal is right now. They're all together working together.

[00:44:06] And I think I wrote this in my book because it was like downloaded to me. And this is my belief. It's not anything that I researched, but this is what they did. And like Atlantis. So they, the whole, the whole, so there was a crystal room because I travelled there before and what they did to like power, everything was the crystal grid because they couldn't just use one crystal to power it.

[00:44:31] They were using different crystals to connect the energies for like the power for the magic of Atlantis. So that was really cool. And so with this, you can like really shift quantum shift into your goals. 

[00:44:45] Emily Thompson: Yeah. Okay. Yes. All of this I have, I've read, some crazy things about crystal grids do Atlantis yes.

[00:44:52] Even like now on the planet. I also, can I tell you, I think that the current popularity of crystals is about the earth regretting itself. 

[00:45:03] Pamela Chen: Oh, cool. I love that. 

[00:45:06] Emily Thompson: Right. Of like right of the stones coming out of the earth. Right. Coming out of the places where they've grown and redistributing themselves a new grid formation. 

[00:45:22] Pamela Chen: That's really cool. 

[00:45:24] Emily Thompson: I think that's happening y'all. Okay. That's like my conspiracy theory around crystals in there. 

[00:45:30] Pamela Chen: I know. Can I tell you my conspiracy theory?

[00:45:33] Emily Thompson: Yes. 

[00:45:34] Pamela Chen: So there's actually like, so. So I got this. And even when I received this, I was like, this is, you know, this is fake. So it's weird. I think my friend, so her mom worked with some, I forgot what the company was called, but it was like aliens and, you know, the galactic forces. And so she gave me a meditation to do and to like connect, I know to connect with like the alien.

[00:46:02] So I went outside and I did it. And this was like downloaded into me saying that every crystal, so you, so in this a lifetime to help you achieve your mission, you have these codes that can get activated. So each crystal that you're receiving holds a certain code, like a grid to activate your other codes. And so, so that's how it helps, you know, it helps you get into that frequency, that energy.

[00:46:29] And I was like, what? And then I was like, no. And then I opened my eyes and he saw my first shooting star and I was like, okay, you win. Right. They win, okay. I believe. 

[00:46:40] Emily Thompson: I have read things around this. I actually highly recommend, I don't know if you have a copy of the Book of Stones from one of my favorite books for like crystal meanings and like downloads of what crystals do.

[00:46:52] So the book of stones, there's a stone in there called azeztulite. A Z E 

[00:46:57] Z T U L I T E S. Azeztulite. Anyone can look it up. That stone in particular has a lot of things in it around, DNA activation, right? Of like Crystal's coming into your space and activating parts of your genetic code. 

[00:47:15] Pamela Chen: Right here you got was.

[00:47:18] I was just like, you're just, and this is like, after I wrote my books, I didn't put it in my book, but I was like, nah, you're just messing with me. And then like, cause I didn't, you know, that was like my, like, this is if it's your first time playing with crystals, that was my first time really connecting to the galactic forces or whatever it was.

[00:47:35] And I was like, no, I don't know. Yeah. You think it was a shooting star? It wasn't UFO. I was like, whoa. And I'm like, if Vegas, so there's lights. Yeah. Oh, wow. Yeah. I was like, whoa. I was like, I got it. I received this, I believe. 

[00:47:52] Emily Thompson: Perfect. Okay. Loving all of this. Let's go back to grids really quickly. Cause I have a couple of things I want to add to this as well.

[00:48:00] We do a lot of crystal grids at Almanac. We have done workshops around them. We actually have some crystal grid kits. If anyone is interested in going and checking some out and the way I always describe, I always describe, gridding one or two, both ways. Two ways. One is if you can't quite get there with crystals with like crystal magic, think of it as an alternative to adult coloring.

[00:48:25] Right. So it's like this little meditative practice that you do with your hand where you're creating art with rocks or like whatever, candles. We also like, we'll talk about nature mandala. So using elements of nature, other elements of nature and bringing them in like acorns or yeah. Flowers, whatever it may be. Clovers one of my favorite.

[00:48:47] And so is this nice, just like physical manner or not my meditation practice where you can get really mindful and put stones in these, in these shapes [00:49:00] and just think about what you want and how like, it's just, it's a calming meditative practice. So if you want to go like very vanilla take that.

[00:49:11] Alternatively, I also think of it as like, almost like a prayer to the universe. Right of like you are sitting here with these intentions and then you're completely right. Bam. Like it takes the power or like the energetic sort of aura of one stone and magnifies it because you're putting, and if you guys could see my hands, they're doing like all kinds of things over here.

[00:49:34] You can't see my hands. If they're like really working, we have the energetic field of one stone and you were amplifying it because you're putting stones together. And especially if you're putting them in certain shapes, it like we'll have a specific magnification that is communicating to the energies that be that you are wanting your life, or you're wanting things organized in this way, energetically for yourself.

[00:50:06] And so it acts as a beacon for calling in and prosperity or protection or love or whatever it is, depending on the shapes that it's taking in those stones or elements that you're using. So that's how I always describe it, but also just adult coloring, if you can't get

[00:50:25] a nice alternative. So then the great part of working with crystal grids is that it's an amplification, right? You have like, it's not just one stone, it's lots of stones. And it's just, it's a fun little practice. Pam's book, whole chapter on crystal grids. I will definitely check that out. We also have some things at Almanac as well because crystal grids are fun and they're beautiful.

[00:50:53] And they're Instagram fodder, Instagram loves them. 

[00:50:57] Pamela Chen: You know, I know that a lot, even like my friends they'll be like, oh, I'm so nervous creating a grid. So if you're like one of those, like, I don't know what to do. So I don't want to create a grid if you literally just put four crystals together in a shape, that's a grid.

[00:51:14] Like you don't have to do anything special. I like to just choose like certain crystals, but I know that I'm working with, and then I have a whole bunch of other stuff. And then it just kinda, I just kinda put it together, whatever it looks and feels good for you. 

[00:51:30] Emily Thompson: Yes. Right. And that is again, that conversation that you're having that consistent checking in, listening to your intuition, whatever's coming up for you.

[00:51:41] Listening to it can and should affect what you are doing. Just a little practice for connecting. Then let's talk about specific stones for bosses. So let's say you want to work with the crystal. You want to manifest some things, or you want to do some crystal gridding. What stones would you recommend for our kinds of folks?

[00:52:03] Pamela Chen: Oh, yeah, definitely citrine. So citrine is like my number one stone. So actually have so much. So these are, if you can see me, these are real citrines. They should be like a P yellow color, but the clearer they are the more higher grade they are. So the orange, the orange-reddish citrine, those are actually heat-treated

[00:52:25] amethysts. If you want to work with them, that's perfectly fine. But I personally don't like to work with, heat-treated amethyst. I work with, heat-treated other crystals like the auras, but just not the, not just the citrine. For me, I love the real citrine feeling. I feel like it's more clear, more vibrant and abundant for me.

[00:52:46] So I have another baby one here, this, so I like to get, so citrines doesn't come in clusters. So you can't get a citrine cluster. So it comes in towers or there are some tumbled ones. I don't think people tumble them as much though, just because they're a little bit more pricey. So they just make them into towers.

[00:53:08] So for the center of your prosperity grid, guess what? You put a citrine tower, right? It's like the perfect thing. It'll activate your solar plexus. Get you really motivated. It keeps you happy. It keeps you focused on your goals and it manifests money. It's a money crystal. Number one, money crystal. Okay. Do you have anything?

[00:53:31] I'm sure you have a story with the citrine. 

[00:53:33] Emily Thompson: So you're right. I will say citrine is expensive. If you are finding good citrine it's going to be a little pricier then, you know, just to piece of amethyst, partially, because it is so rare. Two, it's also often faked because it is rare. And then you're right about the baked amethyst.

[00:53:51] I think it's an okay alternative. Not quite the same, but like is also an okay alternative. 

[00:53:57] Pamela Chen: Yeah, exactly. And you know, if you see that the really like neon yellow, those are like China's citrine that has been injected by colors. So I wouldn't, or it might be lemon, it might be lemon courts. So I wouldn't say it has to be like a lighter, clear, okay.

[00:54:14] Clear yellow. The next I would, I don't know why I don't have a small one of this. I don't have long smoky quartz, so I just have this huge, so yeah. So smoky quartz is one of my favorites to work with and you can get a smoky citrine like they grow together. So you might be able to find one combined, actually, one of my first money crystals that like got me 10 random tarot reading clients was a citrine smoky quartz.

[00:54:44] So smoky quartz is perfect for like protection and keeping you grounded. I see it like it grounds my intention into my reality. So it is a stone of manifestation. It is the wish stone for your personal and business intention. So this is a really amazing stone to work with. So it's smoky quartz from the quartz family.

[00:55:07] Emily Thompson: Love it. We will actually take screenshots from this video and put it in the show notes. So if you want to come see all of these perfect, and we will have some screenshots for them because you've got some really beautiful pieces. 

[00:55:20] Pamela Chen: Well, those are my.. 

[00:55:23] Emily Thompson: I know like y'all, if you ever want to see really great rock collections, don't go to the rock store, go to the house of the person who owns the rock store and you'll find all the best pieces I speak from experience.

[00:55:35] Pamela Chen: It's just like, oh, I need this. 

[00:55:37] Emily Thompson: This is mine. This is mine.. 

[00:55:39] Pamela Chen: So the next one I want to share is fairy quartz. Ooh. So I don't know if you can see, but fairy quartz has like a little, their own little world inside. So there are all kinds of minerals inside. There's some tourmaline inside. I don't know. There's, there's a lot of things inside and I sometimes he can find like, this is green tourmaline, there's black tourmaline.

[00:56:09] So sometimes he can just like find so much. And what I love about it is the little world, like everyone is so different, right? And this actually for me, it works with my mental. Mental stuff. So having like mental clarity, it like enhances my brain functions and it just like, so you can either work with fluorite or amethyst also, but for some reason, the fairy quartz just really like gets me really focused.

[00:56:39] And I'm just, I know like making decisions. Yeah. I think that's what, like when I hold a fairy quartz and this was the one I was carrying around with me at the show. 

[00:56:48] Emily Thompson: Beautiful. 

[00:56:49] Pamela Chen: I can like, I'm like, I'm looking for this crystal. Oh, I found it. That one, like it was so easy, right? 

[00:56:57] Emily Thompson: I also, I've also heard fairy quartz called lodolite, garden quartz and scenic quartz. A stone that is really just quartz with something in it. 

[00:57:12] Pamela Chen: Bunch of things in it. Yeah. 

[00:57:13] Emily Thompson: So much. And they are gorgeous. At the shop, I keep my display of, we call it most consistently lodolite. I keep it on my cash wrap because when no one's in the store, I just sit and look at them.

[00:57:25] Pamela Chen: Yeah. I know. I look at them too, and everybody wanted this one. I'm like, that's

[00:57:37] not for sale. And I think the coup I think the crystal that everybody needs because you can just interchange it out with anything, right. Is clear quartz. So this is a clear quartz cluster. It's actually the marian. Well, this one is from Arkansas. I feel like Arkansas has the most potent clear crystals for, crystal quartz, for clear quartz.

[00:58:00] So we'd like to get our courts from Arkansas. And so clear quartz. You could get like the little ones, so you don't have to like, get this big piece. I have a baby, right? You can get a baby can get baby pieces and the baby pieces are cool because they can add it to your grids. Do so you never always need like a big crystal, if it is calling to you, you get it.

[00:58:22] But if you see something little, I actually really like little crystals. I like them a lot. I like them better than the big crystals. So clear quartz is also the master healer. And if you don't have a crystal for something, you can substitute it with clear quartz, like the color white. So it's like, I'm very neutral and you, and it's very programmable and it can also send and receive.

[00:58:45] Emily Thompson: Perfect. Oh, those are some good ones. And clear quartz, I think is just a good, like if anyone is like, you know, decision paralysis around choosing a crystal for yourself, clear quartz is always going to be a safe place to go.

[00:59:00] Pamela Chen: I think so too, as you can never go wrong for me. I think it's just citrine. Like every time I see a citrine I'm like, I need a citrine.

[00:59:08] I need another. And you know, do you find the rainbows? Do you find rainbows in your citrine? Yes. Okay. So we find, we find the citrines with the rainbows mostly. So we go and look for like, you'll see, because it has natural, you know, cracks inside it naturally formed. And so when that reflects, it has like this beautiful rainbow inside the crystal.

[00:59:32] Emily Thompson: Yeah. You're speaking my language. We do crystal parties on YouTube at Almanac, and I basically literally just sit and make that noise the entire time I gasp and say, Ooh, I'm just constantly gasping. And everyone thinks I'm losing my mind except they're gasping too. Perfect. Okay. Any other stones? 

[00:59:51] Pamela Chen: I do have this peridot.

[00:59:54] That's looking at me again. It is a money stone, so I like working with peridot because it's my birthstone right, for August. But I also think it has like the energy of the Leo, because it is the August zone. So I feel like this actually is your fame and fortune stone. It helps you like come out and be like, Hey, see me, I'm going to share my magic.

[01:00:21] I'm going to give so I can receive like, that's what peridot tells me. And of course, you do need the carnelian.

[01:00:30] Emily Thompson: Even if you can't find it. 

[01:00:31] Pamela Chen: Yes. I have a carnelian quartz. I'm sure Emily will have some for you. 

[01:00:37] Emily Thompson: I can't find it either. We do have a couple of pieces in stock, but you're right. We've been having a hard time finding carnelian. I had a customer come in looking for, and we're like, we can't find it.

[01:00:49] And she was like, oh, because it's popular on Tik Tok. And we were like, oh my God, Tik Tok is changing the world, everybody. So we do have a couple of pieces at the moment, but they'll probably be gone soon. They go really quickly and you can't find it. 

[01:01:02] Pamela Chen: Yeah, but carnelians great for like competence. I think they're pitching it authentic talk pitching.

[01:01:09] They're selling it as like love and central, passion. Like they're saying like a lot of the tik tokers are saying, I've got this carnelian and like 10 people asked me out. So yes, this is carnelian. This could be because it's sacral, right? It's your sacral chakra. I love to use this for confidence in your business and what you are doing and creativity.

[01:01:34] So it can really help you like create that course. Right. Create your retreat, whatever, write a book, whatever it is.

[01:01:43] Emily Thompson: Right. Create for a place of passion as well. I think carnelian is really, really, really about. I love all of that. I agree with all of those. I don't think I have anything to add. I love the addition of lodolite or fairy quartz.

[01:01:58] I never really think about that one for bosses, but it's also like it's associated with Pluto. So like very transformational. Like if you want to like do some stuff, I think that's really great. 

[01:02:10] Pamela Chen: I feel like you can help you get out of, like, if you're, if you're too caught up in your thoughts. It can help you, like, get really like clarity on it and you get out of it.

[01:02:19] So you're like, okay, this is like the big picture. Like you set back and you get like the big, bigger picture so that you can go out and do your stuff, you know? 

[01:02:27] Emily Thompson: Yep. For sure. Oh, perfect. Thank you for sharing all of that. I think we're getting about to the end of our time. So let's talk about the book and where we can find in otherwise find everything that you were doing in the world.

[01:02:42] Pamela Chen: Yeah. So we, so you can follow me on Instagram, Pamela unicorn. So almost everything. I share a lot of stuff. I love, I share my life. You get to see my life on Instagram, whatever I'm promoting at the moment, we just have our website for our business programs. Yes. So it's Q W like quantum wealth, QWunicorn.com.

[01:03:08] So that is the link for our website and yeah. For the book, it is on Amazon pre-orders right now or Llewellyn worldwide. So that's where you can pre-order both of the books. If you want to wait until our, possibly magical spell coming out in 1111 with Madame Pamita then feel free to like, wait a while.

[01:03:32] And see if we announce it. It's happening. It's happening. See, that's what happens when you work with carnelians.

[01:03:48] Emily Thompson: Perfect. And my final question for you today is my usual one. What's making you feel most boss? 

[01:03:55] Pamela Chen: What it's making me feel most boss. I think what's making me feel most boss right now is so we don't, we don't do, we set back a little bit from our business. We're so showing up, but when I get that one-on-one with the client,

[01:04:13] and when we go through that and we really talk and dive deep and like that transformation, I think that makes me feel like, wow, I'm great. Like, this was great. That was great. So not that you need someone to make you feel good, but I think actually be in that moment, be embodied and like connect back to why you were doing it in the first place.

[01:04:36] Like your it's all about your clients, right? Because you're here to change the world, change the vibration on planet, vibrational frequency of the planet, but it starts with you and it starts with the people that you are helping. 

[01:04:50] Emily Thompson: Beautiful answer. I think your moldavite might be sad that you didn't say your moldavite.

[01:04:58] Pamela Chen: Like the clients are life, I think. Like it's so fun. And you know, like, I am friends with a lot of our clients, which is great. And I think they just like support you. Right? They don't, nobody likes your stuff. Nobody comments until they're your client, then you're like nobody's commenting or stuff. It's okay.

[01:05:18] Because they are looking, they are seeing, but once they're your client, they're like a hundred percent support. 

[01:05:24] Emily Thompson: Love that. Yeah. Perfect. Pamela, thank you so much for coming and sharing all that you're doing, but in particular, sharing a conversation with me about manifesting with crystals, everyone go buy a stone.

[01:05:36] Pamela Chen: Yeah. Thank you, Emily, for having me on. Thank you Being Boss community see you soon. 

[01:05:44] Emily Thompson: Hey boss, did you love this episode then I have two things for you. First, if you're wanting to dive into crystals or snag a crystal grid kit for doing your own manifesting, check out my crystal shop at almanacsupplyco.com. My retail store for crystals, candles and other seasonal goods, where we offer worldwide shipping of beautiful stones for decorating, poking in your pocket or manifesting your dreams.

[01:06:10] And if you want more boss goodness from Pam, not only was she the guest for episode 2 55, but she's also been a boss expert at not one but two virtual events and the replays for all are available in the Being Boss Clubhouse. Here, Pam and panels about rituals for creativity and business, using tarot for business, and even a workshop on quantum crystal grid activation.

[01:06:33] You can find all of this and more in the Being Boss clubhouse, the extra content tier of the being boss community. Learn more and join in at beingboss.club/community. Now, until next time, do the work, be boss.