Alana Fairchild
Episode 268

Rituals for Creativity with Alana Fairchild

September 28, 2021

Maybe you’re someone who has found your creative voice by following the nudges on your spiritual journey. Since art and spirituality go so closely hand-in-hand, what can be learned from combining the two in a profitable business? In this episode, artist, writer, and oracle deck creator Alana Fairchild joins us to discuss how she navigates a thriving, healing, spiritually-centered business in today’s world. Alana and Emily talk about their rituals for creativity, overcoming business setbacks, how to tap into your creativity for personal evolution, and the power of becoming more receptive energetically and financially.

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"Gathering creative inspiration is about receptivity and curiosity."
- Alana Fairchild

Discussed in this Episode

  • Alana’s journey into entrepreneurship and how she balances the creative, the spiritual, and business
  • Why business methods can be such a challenge for spiritual creatives, and how to create new methods that work
  • The difference between gathering inspiration and knowing when to bring ideas through with your art
  • Creative routines that can prepare you to get into the flow
  • What is a ritual and how can creatives use rituals to enhance their business?
  • How to respond to social pushback regarding your spiritual business practices and selling what you do
  • The importance of financial and energetic receivership for spiritual business owners

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[00:00:56] That's[00:01:00] 

[00:01:01] Welcome to Being Boss, a podcast for creatives, business owners and entrepreneurs who want to take control of their work and live life on their own terms. I'm your host, Emily Thompson. And today I'm joined by none other than Alana Fairchild to chat about putting creativity first in your business, cultivating your creative process and using rituals to find your creative flow and how to get comfortable once

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[00:02:25] Alana Fairchild is the Australian creative visionary and modern mystic and beloved author. Her diverse and original body of work includes over 13 books, 20 Oracle decks and 30 albums of sacred music and meditation. Alana channels, creative, spiritual pathways for practice, including unique modalities for healing, self others in planet offered through a vibrant online community setting where community members, it creates sacred offerings for global awakening.

[00:02:54] Her work has touched the hearts of hundreds, of thousands of people around the globe, bringing more divine, beauty, wisdom, and peace into our world to support the evolution of humanity. Alana, welcome to being boss. It is an absolute pleasure to have you here. 

[00:03:11] Alana Fairchild: Thank you. I'm so happy to be here and being the kind of boss community and see what we can create together.

[00:03:18] Emily Thompson: Absolutely. Oh, I appreciate that. I think that having you here is going to is such a pleasure for me. I know so many bosses in our community are going to love hearing this conversation. You are often a topic of conversation in the community around the decks that you create in your meditations and the work that you do.

[00:03:35] So I'm so excited that we can be here sharing this together and especially this topic. But before we dive into rituals and creativity, I want to know more about you. I want to share more about your story. So would you mind kicking us off with telling us more about your entrepreneurial journey and how it is that you got to where you are now?

[00:03:58] Alana Fairchild: It's been a huge journey for me. I'm actually going through, quite a growth process around it at the moment. Again, it's sort of like climbing a mountain a little bit. You ascend to a certain level you're on the plateau. You kind of get your bearings and then, you know, before you know it, that the spiritual part of you, that yearns for fulfilment is pushing you while the rest of you is going really, is it already time for the next descent?

[00:04:21] And you kind of take the next bit. So I'm at that process of going through another growth spurt and the thing that I think I've really found to be quite, I guess, challenging, but also part of how I've grown is that I'm not particularly business-oriented and it's been kind of a force of necessity more than anything.

[00:04:44] In fact, I'll tell you this. I, it wasn't that long ago when I was, recommended that I do like a business analysis session. With a Buddhist monk, sorry, a Buddhist nun who had been trained as a systems analyst. So she had those two facets and I really trusted that, you know, on the spiritual journey.

[00:05:02] And I was quite intrigued to kind of talk with her and she just said to me, straight, you're very creative, you're very spiritual. You need to get your business docks in a row. Otherwise, what are you running a business? And I was like, oh my gosh. And she just said, you won't have the support to do your work.

[00:05:16] And that, I think I'd always known that, but just hearing a, kind of an ordained Buddhist nun telling me to get my business and financial stuff in order, I felt, you know what, like, I don't know if I could have really heard it from anyone else in that way. And so that really pushed me. To have a look at the, the structure and the foundation of the business as a form of service.

[00:05:40] And it was really this kind of understanding that it's not that comfortable for me. I mean, I've got much more comfortable with it now, but it's been a steep learning curve. You know, I'm much more happy in the creative, spiritual realms. I'm just like a kid in a candy store. There it's very natural for me, but I realized, you know, that I needed to kind of develop these other side of myself and grow into that in order to really honor the beauty of what comes through to me from spirit, which I'm so grateful for.

[00:06:09] And I really do have a tremendous respect and love for it. And so it was just kind of learning how to back myself in a way, and really believe in the quality of what I was doing. Just for its own sake. I've never, I've never kind of looked at the financial, compensation side of things as being the primary motivation.

[00:06:30] It's more that the business. Facet is important. But it's important to support the work I do. I don't do that as the first thing. And I don't judge people that do, there are some people that their soul journey is really to manifest business and they're great at it and they should do it, you know, they should honor what their path is.

[00:06:49] I just know for me that hasn't been my particular, strong point and I've really had to learn. So that's a very roundabout thing. I didn't even talk about the beginning, but it kind of happened accidentally. It's sort of, I stumbled into this whole spiritual world, as a potential way of working. And I love spirit from when I was, you know, forever, but even from being a little girl, but I never really thought about it as a job.

[00:07:14] It was sort of not until I finished university. I was really struggling to know what to do with my life. And a girlfriend just said to me, go and have a reading with this lady. And I did, and she said to me, oh, you should do what I'm doing. And she owned like a crystal shop and she did ratings.

[00:07:31] And I was like, gosh, what's this world. This sounds great. And I, and I just said to her, oh, I'm going to do that. And I was saying it and thinking, what is this voice? That's saying this to her. It was like, there was a part of me that just went off. Finally, you know, here is just that piece of information that I needed.

[00:07:48] And so I started with that. I just started doing readings and eventually it evolved and I started writing and then it evolved a little bit more and I started teaching and then a little bit more and I started working more with music and sound and, and it just keeps growing. But I never know it. It's sort of, I think when you're working creatively, it's very organic and it's the little bit, I often get a gardening metaphor from spirit or nature metaphor.

[00:08:13] You know, the kind of what suits the caterpillar is not going to suit the butterfly, but it just keeps going. It's not just one cycle. And then the next, it's this willingness to kind of evolve. And I think for me, a lot of it has been allowing myself to get out of my own way to not resist the challenges that are before me.

[00:08:32] And to recognize that even though it's not comfortable, if I'm willing to really trust myself and trust my heart and trust the spirit, then it's absolutely possible for me to manifest. Creative beauty, divine beauty, the service that I want to offer to people, but to do so in a way where I can earn an income from doing it so that I can continue to devote my time to that.

[00:08:58] Because when I first started, I was working in a, you know, I'll use this in inverted commas, normal job, but I didn't do very well in the normal job didn't really suit me. But I labored it away in the nighttime hours writing my first courses to teach. And I taught at a community college, part-time teaching spiritual growth.

[00:09:15] Like it was all very ramshackle. And, you know, I think you get to a point where you're serious about your craft, whatever it is, you know, and you want to be doing it all the time. Cause you know, it's who you are. It's part of who you are part of your soul truth and expression. And if you don't do it, but it's like a bird that's not flying or singing when that's what it was born to do, 

[00:09:34] you kind of feel this hunger to experience it fully. I certainly did. And still do so. Yeah. I just had to learn how to kind of weigh those things together. Very modeling. Spirit gives me a lot of guidance. In fact, there'd been pushing, you know, for me to do more understanding of how to market and, and they said to me, you know, it's not about because I always get uncomfortable with it.

[00:09:58] I'm like, oh no, I don't know if I want to do that. I think of myself more as an artist than a business person, but it just really was coming through, especially in the last couple of years, it's like, this is not about the ways of the world and the way the world interprets business. You know, it's not to judge it, but, but that's not what this is about.

[00:10:16] This is about how can you be stable? How can you be steady? How can you create foundations so that you can hire a team that can help you and grow something and hold the space so that you're not trying to do everything all at once. Cause I really fell into that young entrepreneurial trap of doing everything all by myself and just feeling like I was never going to be able to, you know, kind of last more than a few years doing that it was exhausting and allowing myself to be helped and realizing that in that those people that were helping me were also finding fulfillment.

[00:10:52] We have now this beautiful young team that's growing and it's so exciting and just recognizing that it's all part of the journey and it's all about reaching people that need what it is that is coming through me. And it's the same for anyone. You know, there are people that need what it is that's coming through you.

[00:11:10] That's why you feel that you know, the passion that you do to create, for example, and trusting that spirit will work in all things, including business, including, you know, financial organization and the practicalities, and to look at marketing as a heartfelt communication, not about trunk. Cause I, as soon as someone tries to sell me something, my hackles go up like a cat.

[00:11:33] I just go, you know, I just, I feel so uncomfortable and I can't do that myself. It feels incredibly inauthentic, but I still, and some people can do it and that's great. But for me, I just can't. And just to accept that and realize that, you know, if I treat marketing as communication. And in fact, our marketing angel is we call her our communications angel.

[00:11:55] Cause it's just all about how can we get the information out there that people want, you know, and people say to me, we want to know more about what you're doing. I'm thinking about, I got like I do, I have to be on this and organize it. So it's just having that kind of reframe and through the journey and the evolution, that's kind of been what's happening.

[00:12:13] And now I'm here at another growth point. They never seem to end evolution is ongoing, but I just trust it more. And I think for me, it's sort of been like, you know, ripples in a pond, you start with that first inspiration. And then the first ripple is okay, I have to learn how to hold this space. And then there's a bigger ripple and it's like more people start to connect or how do I hold this space?

[00:12:35] And then a larger ripple when using, oh gosh, we need the genius of a team to do this. This is not a one-woman show anymore. And then you keeps growing, keeps growing and, and it's just, it's quite beautiful, actually. 

[00:12:47] Emily Thompson: Oh, that you just spoke to every artist in our community finds themselves in this place where we're businesses, it becomes this mandatory part of how it is that you can, I don't want it.

[00:13:04] Yeah. I think mandatory part of how it is that you need to show up in order to make a living in the modern world, right through the art that you're creating. And I love so much that you have just shown up for your art and creativity, right. To produce this work that you are here to produce and have found, have found success from it.

[00:13:28] And then are still presented with this opportunity to grow the business side and to see the benefit of that. But you've been so successful in your art and in your work, that it has fed into it. I very much so appreciate that you have put your work first. Because I think quite often we are encouraged to do business first, but whenever you are a creative business owner, creative entrepreneur, the creativity comes first.

[00:14:02] And the word shiny example of that. 

[00:14:05] Alana Fairchild: Thank you. It has to, I remember years and years ago, I was talking with a fellow who wanted to advise me in the business and lovely guy, really lovely guy. And, you know, he believed in me and he saw a potential and so I listened to him and we tried some things, but it was, it was different.

[00:14:24] He was coming from more of a business perspective and I thought, well, at the time I thought, well, look, I don't really understand this world. You know, I understand the spiritual world. You know, the creative world and how to do that and how to do that naturally. And you know, it's just part of me, but I don't understand this.

[00:14:41] So let me try it. So I tried his approach and it was a mess. It just, yeah, it was such a good learning experience because I thought, you know, I just didn't know. And I think a lot of these for, you know, souls that feel that they here to create something and make an offering to the world, but they, you know, and you don't have to engage publicly.

[00:15:02] You can have a very legitimate creative process and, and it's very private, but I'm assuming that you know, the people that are listening, they, they want to navigate that transitional, that bridge between the inner creative world that you love and the outer public world, where you actually want to create space and channels for your work to reach people.

[00:15:23] And because maybe there's a healing component to it or something meaningful that you want to share. And I kind of realized, you know, this is a great failure, there's failures that are like, oh my God, what was I thinking? And then it's great failures. And I think if we look at something through spiritual perspective, pretty much every failure is a great failure if we learn from it.

[00:15:41] And it was tremendous for me because I thought, you know, the crown always needs to remain the crown. And that is the divine energy, the spiritual dimensions, that the things that light me up, like when the creativity is flowing, I know when it's from spirit because it feels very similar to spiritual energy.

[00:15:59] In fact, I've got to the point where hopefully, at least for me, it feels like my creativity, my spirituality are entirely married. And that, that works for me really well. That's when I feel like I have integrity in what I'm creating and where I give myself complete permission. I have no guilt whatsoever, no shame or holding back, or, oh, I don't know about that about anything because I trust that when it's aligned with spirit, even if it's like out there, like something completely off the wall and I have quite a lot of that going on, especially at the moment.

[00:16:30] So that really, that good let's do that. And I give myself permission because I trust in the spiritual intelligence that has. Pretty much. How would I describe it? The best interests, you know, the best interests of every being at heart. So I don't worry about that. I don't think all my being self-indulgent or,is this selfish in any way because my creativity is aligned with my heart and my spiritual path.

[00:16:57] So I just figured everyone's going to benefit somehow from this. I'm just going to go for it. And it's wonderfully liberal. I feel like that's a tangent. 

[00:17:04] Emily Thompson: No, that was so beautiful 

[00:17:08] I appreciate that vulnerability that look inside of that internal process of what it feels like for you to show up in that way.

[00:17:18] And I will say too, I feel like your experience with that business guy, is a common one that artists and creatives in our realm of business owner deals with where the way we want to show up and do business in the world is so different from the way that it's been done for decades. Like hundreds of years, even, that the tactics that have worked for so long don't work for the way, the ways that we want to show up and do business.

[00:17:44] So I think that, I think that you discovered that in your own way as well. And so we have to, we have this opportunity to show up in and figure it out as we go, right. We're all just making it up, doing what 

[00:18:01] Alana Fairchild: feels good. Yeah. And it's funny because it took me a little while and I still feel like that's an ongoing journey, but it took me a little while to figure out how much of the, you know, the ways of business and people who are very skilled in that area.

[00:18:16] How, how can I work with that? Because they're skilled and it works, you know, it does, but you have to think, well, I always ask myself, what's the price of this. What's the real cost of this. And it's not just, we're not ask that question. Financial is usually like third on the list or something. First only way is what's the spiritual cost, you know, is it in integrity with my being?

[00:18:35] And secondly, I think, you know, what is going to come from these from the people around. So, you know, the whole idea of selling out or whatever, that's just never been an issue. I'm not interested in that, but, but we still have to navigate the world and this is the bridge part and why I think it's so interesting and, and why it's so reassuring to Mesa and me, and I would say many of us to understand that spirits and everything, you know, so it's, it's just finding how can I bring the, maybe more receptive internal, definitely not of the world, inspiration, you know, that part of it that needs to be in the world, but, but how do I find that transition point or that, that bridge, where it works, it works for you.

[00:19:19] And, and I think for me, it's sort of finding this way of understanding. There are techniques and ways and approaches and marketing and things that definitely work. They will reach a lot of people, but it's. You know, I always asked myself in choosing that, you know, to what extent does it feel true, to what extent does it feel like I'm able to sustain my internal alignment with my heart?

[00:19:41] And if I can do that, then I'm happy with the other stuff. Don't have a problem with it. But the moment it feels like an end. It's always there someone or something will say, well, why don't you just do this? This is where the market is. And I, and I always kind of say, look, it doesn't work like that. For me, I'm an upside down inside person.

[00:19:58] I always have been, I felt more in the spirit world. I was born into a human body walking around as a kid going, what is this planet? What are these humans? I do not understand this world at all. It's so bizarre to me. And I think, you know, there'll be other inside, out upside-down people that, you know, feel like they were born crown chakra open first, and then.

[00:20:20] I dropped down and eventually hit the base chakra. And that's what I feel like I'm doing now. It's like, oh, you know, girl meets world. And I'm like 47 take my time. But there's just this sense that I have to trust what I am and it, and it is out of step and against the grain with a lot of the way society operates.

[00:20:38] But that's the point, you know, that's why we're here, we're here because we are different. And we here to be that difference. But also for those of us that have the courage and have the confidence that you know, the spiritual confidence in ourselves, that we think, you know, what I'm willing to take a chance on myself and on my path and on my purpose.

[00:20:55] And I will believe that there is enough spiritual substance in who I am and what I've come to do that I'm willing to, you know, work with that testing, that constant testing around integrity and practicality. I won't hide from it personally. I think I hid from it for a while until I was ready. And that's fine.

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[00:23:05] Okay. You've touched on a couple of things that I want to start steering us towards because there are, there are some nuggets in there that I need. I really want to get these out of you. I'm so excited about this. You had, you mentioned the creative process. You brought up inspiration. I think, I mean, I cannot wait to see where your business journey goes for shore, but your creative process is one that you have spent your entire life.

[00:23:36] I feel. And I feel like just expressing it, maybe not even discovering it, maybe I'm making things up as I go, but you have been, you know, creating these beautiful decks and goodness knows what else you're over there creating. And doing it even before creating these things was as mainstream as it is now.

[00:23:59] Right. So you have been showing up to do this kind of work since before it was cool to do so. I'm wondering from you and, and not only are you, where are you doing it before it was cool to do so you do it in so many different flavors. 

[00:24:16] Alana Fairchild: Yes, that's true. That's true. 

[00:24:19] Emily Thompson: So I think I'd like to start this little journey with inspiration.

[00:24:23] How is it that you are going through throughout your life from your crown chakra down to gather the inspiration that you do to do the work that you are doing? What does that gathering of inspiration look like? And what does it feel like for you to stop gathering in inspiration and know that it's time to create. 

[00:24:50] Alana Fairchild: What a great question.

[00:24:54] I guess there's a couple of things that occurred to me and, okay. Gosh, I just had like three thoughts a month. This is my welcome to my brain. And this is why it's multiple flavors. I think gathering the inspiration for me is about receptivity and curiosity. And I just, I believe that spirit is in all things and I believe that divine love is everywhere waiting to be discovered.

[00:25:22] And if you're open, which I am, sometimes to a fault, I can really struggle with it being really sensitive and really open and really receptive, which most artists or artistically inclined people are. And people that want to learn how to, you know, be more artistically inclined, learning to be open, or one of my favorite Rumi quotes.

[00:25:41] If you want to be non become a blank page, it's like learning how to be receptive. So because it's very easy for me to find inspiration. That's not the thing that I struggle with. And I know when I found it because it feels energetically. Vitalizing, it's the same thing for me. If I'm determining whether or not the energy of another person is someone that I want to have in my inner circle, or if I'm choosing a spiritual teacher, actually I have a sense of my body is like the barometer.

[00:26:09] And what does this energy do to me? You know, does it like Dalai Lama? He only has to do a snort-laugh. And my holiday, she goes, I just feel this connection, but it's not a judgment. It's just purely like, you're determining notes in a chord. It's like, does this harmonize or does it not? And if it doesn't, that's fine, I let it move on.

[00:26:30] And if it does, or if it lifts me and I feel like my heart opens and my throat chakra opens and my head opens and it's like, I feel like I'm the sky. I feel vast as the sky. And that's when I know, oh, that's. That's inspiration. So it's there. So then you get that initial idea and then it's like, I call it the plodding phase and you have to wait.

[00:26:54] You have to wait, you get that thing. Oh, okay. Something's happening here. And then it's like the seed and it's sort of, I sense that sometimes it's like a pot that's simmering it's under the surface. I don't really know what it's going to be. I don't know the full heart of it. And I wait and I do other things.

[00:27:11] I might be riding here and I come back and check on it a little bit. Now it's not ready yet. And when that inspiration is ready to kind of go from. Sort of in quite feeling into, okay, now it's time to write or now it's time to sing or now it's time to dream up this or reach out and make connections. I feel it because it's literally like the, you know, the cosmic oven time, it goes deep and it's sort of, it pops up and I can grab it.

[00:27:36] I was trying to describe it the other day. It's like the root of the thread kind of pops out from the, um, the cosmic fabric, the fabric of the universe, and I can grab it and then I can start pulling it out bit by bit. And then I see the threads and it's like, oh, okay. This is what we've got. How do we want to weave it together?

[00:27:55] And then I sit down to do whatever I'm going to do, write or sing or dance, or do further inspiration, further kind of contemplation on that. But it's a process and you have to be patient. Like, I have ideas that I'm only just starting to work on now that came to me literally 10 years ago. And I've just had to wait and sometimes you're waiting for you

[00:28:17] and things that you. Have to grow into. Sometimes you're waiting for society to just even be able to cope with, you know, what it is that you want to offer. This might not be ready for it. So there's a whole thing around divine timing. And I've learned to trust in that. And I think because I'm multitask creatively, I don't just do one thing at a time.

[00:28:36] Like literally at the moment I have about seven things that I'm showing all at once and I just, I moved to them and I can feel it. It's kind of like, it grabs your attention. And then I work on that and then not the other thing. And I'll come back and, and that's, you kind of allow yourself to be guided by these inner instincts.

[00:28:53] And I really trust it. I trust that instinct more than I trust the appearances of external world more than I trust logic and more than I trust other people's opinions about what I should or shouldn't be doing. And the reason I'm like that is because over the years, I've just learned. I'm a bit odd and I have my own way of working and that works to me.

[00:29:14] And it keeps me in spiritual alignment. And when I'm in spiritual alignment, my creative work is more powerful and it heals people and it has this, this energy about it from spirit. And that's what. Makes it beneficial. And that's what brings me the most joy. I would much rather do one thing that's spiritually joyful and lights me up and 10 things that, you know, people's lives to make your million dollars.

[00:29:37] And I, well, who cares about that really? You know, but if I can do something beautiful and that, you know, makes whatever it makes financially, and that's a wonderful, that's like the icing on the cake, but the actual, the beautiful thing, the thing that makes me keep doing what I do, it's that sense that when I receive an email from someone and they just say, this is the most feeling thing I've ever read, and I burst into tears and it was all just, you know, this [00:30:00] saved me from this or this did that.

[00:30:02] Or I heard a story about a person that read this and blah, blah, blah. That's the stuff where I just feel like, oh, that's the good juice. That's why I do what I do. 

[00:30:11] Emily Thompson: That's amazing. I love that you are so in touch with that creative process or that, that process of, of gathering inspiration and knowing when it is time to create the thing I'm wondering if that's, if that innate knowing in that innate trusting of that instinct is something that you've always had or was that something that you had to cultivate and if it was cultivated, how did you do that?

[00:30:34] Alana Fairchild: Yeah, no, I had to learn, I had to learn was, so I was really conditioned to behave first. Take control, make a plan, get stuff done, said it. Oh my gosh. I was great at that. I did it for a long time and then I still remember, I had just I'd left my job, so I didn't want to work in an office anymore.

[00:30:55] It wasn't for me. And so I left and I just said to spirit, just give me one site. I don't really know, need a big sign, just a little sign. And I rang up a, a bookstore and mystical bookstore and I said, oh, I don't suppose you're looking at. You know anyone to work for you. And the lady said, oh, we're looking for a psychic to work two days a week.

[00:31:14] And I said, oh, I'll do it. And she said, I'll do a rating for me. So I did a quick rating. She goes, you're hired. I said, great. And I hung up. And then I rang my boss and said, I'm resigning. I left my job. It was crazy. I mean, it made no sense, but I just thought I have to do it. Cause I'm dying in that job. And I managed and I got through, but I remember I took my corporate mentality into the spiritual world.

[00:31:39] It was hilarious and it just a disaster recipe for failure. But I, you know, I figured out what I was going to take. I made up all the flyers and put them in the bookstore and nothing happened. And I was like, what's this, you know, hotness, like, what am I going to do? Or, you know, I need to earn money. I need to be able to pay, you know, for housing and food.

[00:31:58] And, and I had an enormous amount of anxiety and that was the beginning of the process of learning to let go and learning to trust. And it took me a long time. I had a lot of survival fear. I had a lot of conditioning around. You have to play by certain rules or else you won't be. Okay. And I think for a lot of people that are maybe wanting to make the transition out of more, you know, mainstream.

[00:32:23] Society mandated ways of being into things that are more spiritual and inspired and intuitive. Like you, you are going to have this kind of wrestling with yourself. And those of us that are already on the path, every time we hit a growth spurt, we're going to have a bit of this wrestling, you know, the grappling, the grappling moment, grappling with growth, and we're just figuring out is it going to be okay?

[00:32:45] Can I let go of, can I trust? And I had to learn how to step back and have enough space. And enough trust that I wouldn't try to assert my wheel. And instead I would trust in the higher workings of things. And it was his subtle in a shift that was so difficult for me. But what I did is I treated it like an experiment.

[00:33:05] And I say this to people, if you like learning how to trust or learning, how much spirit will actually get involved in your life, treat it like an experiment. Just do it a few times. And you know, with little things. So you take your hands off it, ask the universe to help and wait and see what happens and wait until you feel like there's guidance rather than headfirst thinking.

[00:33:24] I know how it should be. I know how it should work out. And this is what needs to happen. Forget all of that. Why would you try to figure it all out when you have this loving ally of the universe that has this incredible intelligence look, how much it creates constantly, it's kind of incredible. And you can tune into that.

[00:33:43] So it knows how to create. You know, you didn't have to create yourself. You can allow yourself to be created by this greater intelligence. And if you have that shift, I bought our found is that we tend to get out of our own way, which is usually for me, the biggest impediment. So to spirit, can you help me, but I'll just take it to trial.

[00:34:02] I am. I learned how to stop doing that and, and how to trust, you know, spirit will tell us when we need to step up and do something. You know, you get a sign from Buddhist nuns saying do business together. 

[00:34:14] Emily Thompson: Sometimes it's crystal clear. 

[00:34:17] Alana Fairchild: You're going to miss out on something you'll be told. 

[00:34:20] Emily Thompson: Yes. Oh, that's fascinating.

[00:34:22] Thank you for sharing that. I know that so many people, I mean, everyone, I think, I don't think anyone wakes up knowing exactly how it is. They need to show up to create the work. I mean, it's our journey here. I think to work through our own processes, to get to a place where we can show up to create freely.

[00:34:42] So I appreciate you sharing that, that little journey, that the journey that you're going through. And do you feel like you have it on lockdown now? Or are you still, are there still points of struggle in your process? 

[00:34:53] Alana Fairchild: Much, much better. I'm much better now. I've just, um, I surrender into it. It's become part of me.

[00:34:59] It's very organic, the spiritual path and the creative path on separate, but you know, I've been working towards that for about, I dunno, 30 years or something. So it takes, it might not take you as long. It takes me a while, but once I get something, I get it. And it's, you know, it's part of my being, so now I'm not too bad, but, but certainly in terms of spiritual growth, there's always further to go and always new ways to learn how to be skilful with your energy in the world, to bring about the results that you feel are most going to honor spirit.

[00:35:32] The spirit does a lot. It does a lot, but we also have to show up and do our part. It's just learning how to be led, which I don't know what percentage of listeners are women, but I find for women, um, we seem to find it hard to allow ourselves to be led. I generally, a lot of the women I met were real, you know, Yeah, especially modern women.

[00:35:54] We want to show the way and we're good at it. So it's not, it doesn't have to be a bad thing, but it's learning how to allow yourself to be led by something greater and then trusting that your, your leadership instincts will be utilized. But through that, it's sort of leadership as service to something greater.

[00:36:09] And it's funny, cause it doesn't feel like the way it looks. People probably look at you as a leader and think that you're doing all these things. But as the leader yourself, you feel like you just, you know, you've got your head at the feet of the divine mother, for example, and just saying, you know what, I have no idea what I'm doing, but you know, and I'm trusting you and it'll work.

[00:36:29] Emily Thompson: For sure. Oh, wonderful. Thank you. Thank you for sharing all of that. I want to move into sort of the next step then of the creative process, right? We've talked about gathering inspiration and knowing when it's time to start creating. I want to talk about what it looks like for you to sit down and actually create.

[00:36:46] So whether it is you're writing or singing or whatever it is that you're creating. And in particular, I want to know if you have any rituals around readying yourself to create of putting yourself into this space of letting creative, letting creativity flow through you, but also you actually doing the creating.

[00:37:07] Alana Fairchild: Yeah. I mean, I have rituals in my life that I sort of live by that I think to allow me to be this way. And it's not that I only do them when I'm going to create, because, to me, my whole life is this. This is how I live. It's kind of become part of my personhood. So meditation is one. I do that daily. Recently I'm doing a, like a purification program, so I'm meditating twice daily.

[00:37:34] It does vary a little bit, but you know, I do that. I also, I think the biggest thing that I do that probably sets me apart from the regular Joe blogs, you know, on the, on the street is that I live with a lot of space, a lot of spaciousness, a lot of mental space, primarily and emotional space. And I think, you know, you have to choose and it's sort of, if you want to be that creative, receptive being, then you're going to need to give yourself space, It's just, it's not impossible, but it's difficult.

[00:38:06] So for me, I guess the most powerful action that I take whenever I'm going to create, no matter what it is that I shut the door to the out of the world. And I give myself complete permission to turn within and to just claim my space. Like there is no room for anyone or anything else in that zone. I'm very protective around that space.

[00:38:24] And the reason for it is it's the only way it works. May you know, you can't birth a baby. If you weren't wide open and people are stomping in and out of it, having a chat, that's have a cup of tea. It's like, you know what? This needs to be. Sacrosanct needs to be separate from the world. And I think about the seed as well.

[00:38:42] It's underground. You can't see what hell's going on in there, but it's doing its thing. And it's like, wait, we have this creative faculty, all human beings have it. But the way that. Modern society is established. It's very much kind of anti-creative and pro reactive. And if you're going to shift and connect with your own creative potential, you have to be willing to go against that.

[00:39:06] And part of that is not being afraid of solitude and knowing the world. I promise you it'll still be there when you reconnect. It's not going anywhere anytime soon. So giving yourself that permission, I think is essential space. Yeah. And then when you're in it, for me, it's all about energy. Put myself in my heart and I turn my mind and my heart to the, you know, some people might call it the muse, I guess I just call it the, whatever it is that the essence, the spirit of the project, they're all different.

[00:39:36] But I turned myself to that as if I was about to sit down and have a cup of tea with just a wonderful new friend. And I just want to know about them and you sit down and create the space and you take the phone off the hall. Can you sip your tea? And you just said, or what are you, what are you about?

[00:39:52] And it's just like that. And then I write or sing or whatever, and I allow it to permeate me like that tea. I allow it to infuse manner and I kind of I'm with it. It's not me. And H it's kind of asked just, I, I give myself over to it and then I ride it or whatever I'm doing. 

[00:40:12] Emily Thompson: I think you really hit on mayor sort of that.

[00:40:16] The big problem that creative business owners create for themselves in, in this, in this effort that we go into of building businesses or building this system, right. That allows us to create and make money from it or create and make an impact from it or whatever it may be. Business requires a lot. And even you mentioned it earlier, right?

[00:40:46] This idea that you know, you have to show up and you find yourself doing all the things, but the. That you are here to do, which is your creativity requires so much space. We have talked about this space here many times, a couple of years ago, we wrote, the being boss book. And we've talked about specifically during that project, because that was probably one of the, one of the most light.

[00:41:09] Like we created this beautiful boundary around it. We, you know, had to write the whole book within a couple of weeks and built in this gorgeous space and learn very quickly that for us to get. And when I say us, I wrote it with my business partner, for us to get an hour and a half of writing done, we had to have a whole day of space.

[00:41:31] We had to get up and like take our walks and drink our tea and sit with the inspiration of the day or think about, you know, what was on the docket. Like what, what that chapter was that day that we were going to be writing or whatever it may be. We had to create a ton of space to be able to show up, to write an hour and a half of actual writing.

[00:41:54] Alana Fairchild: Yeah. What that's such great awareness. I mean, you're talking about tapping into the, I guess if we go yummy and for a minute, but the, the unconscious it's sort of, it's, it's a different rhythm. There's certain things that you can do that kind of keeps the, like the cords of connection a bit jucier with the unconscious.

[00:42:14] If you're out in the world and you're doing a full-on job and you're dealing with a bunch of stuff in the outer world, and you have to be kind of in that left brain, switched on, figuring it all out to then, and it's changing gears big time, like to then switch to right, Brian, if you're not used to doing that and you do get better at it, I have to say, you can learn to do it quite quickly, but, that takes a bit of experience and practice.

[00:42:38] And I think, you know, creating that space can happen a little bit more readily and a little bit more easily when you, you sort of have the foundations there and there are things that you can do and that's fine. I meditate and I pay attention to my dreams. I meet with a mentor every way. Can I talk about my inner world?

[00:42:55] And it's just like, you keep it kind of nourished so that when you do step into the space, it's not, you're not starting from scratch and trying to build it up all the time now. It's like a river. If you kind of, you carve a bit of the energy out there, the river will flow. It's always there, but it's got somewhere to go.

[00:43:14] And so creating those channels, doing, you know, an article breeding for yourself in the morning, or just setting the intention. But I think what you've said is really wise because it's not going to work. You'd go, oh, 20 minutes. Good. Let me switch into creative mode blood. You need to give yourself time to immerse and allow it.

[00:43:31] It's the Pearl, you know, you've got to go diving for it and let it, and it's so worth it. But it takes courage because it's not the traditional way that measures, you know, I mean, I did a low degree of billable hours, baby. You know, it's not about with the creative team. 

[00:43:47] Emily Thompson: That's the opposite of that for sure.

[00:43:52] Oh, and you just mentioned it, you sort of brought up something there for me that triggered me. One of the things that I have developed over the past couple of years, and that I encourage for anyone who is looking for ways to make that quick switch between, you know, picking up kids from school and you go home and you do want to, you know, get a couple of things written or painted or whatever that evening.

[00:44:12] Um, I've definitely started using incense or Palo Santo or white Sagent for me, it has to be one, like I have to be one that it has to be one that I'm using consistently, that I can create that olfactory connection of like, whenever I liked my Sage and smell or whatever, I like a particular incense and smell it.

[00:44:30] I can almost immediately drop back into that space of. Writing or creating or whatever. It may be often. I have people asking, you know, how do you Sage repel? And there are so many ways, and there are so many, like so many, very, very ritualistic and, particular ways in which you can use those things.

[00:44:51] But for someone who was not connected to those traditions, you can build your own, into them. And I use them for creativity, for writing in particular. I can show actually, even before we showed up for this one, I'm not writing, but I was like, I need to, it's later in the day for me, I need to settle into a different space that I'm not usually in.

[00:45:12] So I lit up a Palo Santo stick and just, it drops me into a different space every time. So you can, through the little rituals that you're building for yourself, create even like an old factory connection to dropping into a space of creativity, or at least I have, and it works. 

[00:45:31] Alana Fairchild: Yeah, it's fabulous. It's even anything.

[00:45:34] I love this. We're doing creative hacks now. Hacks create body memory is powerful. It is powerful. I have a place where I sit and, you know, and I look, I like to have a neutral, uh, nature canvas that I can look at. And I have a thing that I do, like when I'm really, you talked earlier about the percolation phase, like the seed is there, but I need to pull it out.

[00:45:57] I walk, I just walk around my lounge room, probably look like a crazy person, but you know, I just, I, I walk into. I drop in. And I think without thinking, I opened my mind, I become receptive. It's an active thing. It's very curious that you can't force it. You just give it space. It's like the creative law is, is the lover, you know, and you can, I think we're taught you, you run after the lover and, you know, count them on the head like a caveman and then dragging them back.

[00:46:23] It doesn't work. But if you wait and you, or like a horse, you know, the horse spirit, you've got to kind of whisper and hold the space and let it come to you. And it wants to come to you, but you, you just have to kind of overcome the fear that makes us grasp, and allow yourself to kind of be in that space and whatever helps you.

[00:46:40] I love the incense, cause it's literally like you're creating a veil that separates you from the outer world. Just beautiful. 

[00:46:47] Emily Thompson: Oh, I never thought about like that now. I love it. Okay. Perfect. Thank you for that. Okay. Next piece. And I would like to talk about it with you because I you're do I feel like you're doing this about thinking about it, maybe not.

[00:47:02] Maybe this is part of your journey. Was you really sort of coming to terms with this, but for a lot of bosses selling their creativity, Or if they are, you know, selling ritual tools or sacred practices or readings or, or even in that way, sometimes it's even their coaching, can bring up feelings of uncertainty of this, of maybe feeling like they are selling outright.

[00:47:27] Or feeling uncomfortable with pricing themselves or whatever it may be. I'm wondering if you have experienced this and if so, how did you overcome it? Or do, were you always just like it's for everyone? Let's get it out there. 

[00:47:41] Alana Fairchild: No, I think what you've talked about is really, it's a thing in our culture.

[00:47:45] Like there's a big pushback. Um, and sometimes. You know, like I read an article recently and someone was talking about, you know, all they were these courses available for a price as if, because they were spiritual courses, they should be free. And are those, you know, I've had lots of conversations with people around this.

[00:48:01] One woman actually said to me, you know, don't build your business around people who can't afford to pay for your services. You can still give to people freely, but just don't have that as your business plan. I thought, God, that's sensible, never cut to me. I was like, gosh, that's very clever. Say, this is what I'm saying.

[00:48:18] People that have that business understand it can work for you with you. Cause if you go out of business and you can't do your work, that's not really helping anyone. I always had this sense, I think, because in the very beginning, before I started, I had this moment, it was a weird moment. I was in a shopping mall and I was looking at a lounge and I, I was like, oh, I needed a lounge.

[00:48:39] I had very little money. I'd just said no to my job. It was baby psychic. I was just starting out and just had this moment. And I said to the universe, You know what I want to do this work. I want to earn an income from it. I want to feel comfortable. I want to be able to buy that lounge, but you need to, you need to take care of that.

[00:48:59] I'm not going to try and make that happen. If you take care of that, I will do my part. And I made that agreement. So from the very beginning, I knew within myself that I was going to do this, even if it didn't work, because what else could I do? You know, I had to be true to myself, but deep within, I don't know if it's just because I'm an optimist or I had this sense of knowing I knew it would work out somehow.

[00:49:20] I just didn't know how long it was going to take. And honestly, if I had of known, you know, thank God, we don't always know who to best cause brick. It took a while. I've got to say so a lot of hairy moments where I just thought you've got to be kidding me, but I didn't turn away because it would be like turning away from you, your heart, you know, you can't really do that and have any peace or any happiness.

[00:49:40] So I kept going. Essentially, gosh, what are we talking about? Completely had a brain blank. I'm just following 

[00:49:47] Emily Thompson: along. I don't even know 

[00:49:50] Alana Fairchild: tangents and I forget what 

[00:49:53] Emily Thompson: you do. 

[00:49:54] Alana Fairchild: That's right. Thank you. So I knew I was not [00:50:00] going to sell out, but I did have people, not a lot of people I had, but I did have a few people that would just people, I didn't know, they never had readings with me.

[00:50:08] They would email or message me anonymously and just say, how can you charge what you're doing? It's so unspiritual. And I just thought, you know, I just thought that's their belief system. You know, I, I have to recognize that in this world, the. The kind of, melding point between financial and business and the spiritual healing, creative realm is not yet kind of resolved.

[00:50:35] That's what I think we're all having this conversation and we grappling and the people that are trying to navigate that are the ones that are hailing it. So it'll be easier later on. And when you think about what we want, you know, a world without art or a world without spirituality or healing is a fricking depressing place that just will not nourish humanity to evolution.

[00:50:55] It's not even a world, it's just a freaking nightmare. So we want to be at that place where we're kind of finding the. The freedom and the permission to believe that we can navigate the material will with integrity. And I think the only reason it's really difficult it's because we're stuck in this kind of dualistic notion that money is bad and spirit is good.

[00:51:22] And if you put spirit with money together, you're going to compromise or distort yourself or your purity, but it's just, it doesn't have to happen. It can happen if you decide that you're going to abandon, you know, what you feel passionate and true and great love for in order to make a bar, it can happen, but it doesn't have to.

[00:51:40] It's entirely possible to be completely authentic, doing what you love, creating light in the world, honoring your path, grappling with your own humanity and expressing that in creative ways and earning a beautiful income that supports you and encourages you to do it. But. You know, still in that place, which a lot of artists and creators are where you know that you're out of step with society.

[00:52:05] It can be very hard to turn around and then believe that the world is going to be friendly to you. And it's going to want to support you and is going to want to encourage you. But there is this kind of leap of faith that we all have to take until, you know, we kind of get that sense that, oh, this is actually helping people.

[00:52:21] You know, you get that feedback where you get there'll be any healer knows this. You gotta be willing to show up and do the session and have the person go, well, I don't know what that was and walk away. And you might, they're the ones that hear from 10 years later, they go, oh, I thought it was rubbish, but it changed my life.

[00:52:35] And you're like, well, you could've told me that eight years ago, but you, you just kind of have to trust it for its own sake and you do what you do for its own sake. And I think if you have that sense of valuing your own work, then. You kind of, you, you're not as ruffled by those arguments in discussions.

[00:52:54] Like I'm not now I have no problem with it. I feel compassion for people that, you know, want to project all this stuff onto me. You know, unfortunately, there's not many of them, but occasionally you get them where they think that you're some money-hungry person and, you know, and I just sort of think, when I'm evolved enough that I can exist on air and my body is so, you know, purified that it requires the snow shelter, I'll be on board with what you're saying, you know, I welcome the day, but for the, you know, I'm not quite there and

[00:53:23] I always come back to that beautiful goddess in the Indian tradition, Lakshmi, who is, you know, literally the goddess of spiritual enlightenment and prosperity. And I think, you know what? India is a very rich spiritual tradition, and if they can work those two things together, then I think we all need to learn something.

[00:53:41] And the moment you make something to BU you obsess about it, the best way is to just say, you know, this is part of life. I'm willing to deal with it. And you kind of take the pressure off and you can just have that sense of creating and allowing that mental permission to let the flow in otherwise. What if you've got all these wonderful people that could benefit from what you have to offer and want to connect with you, and you're too busy going, oh, you know, I'm not completely sure.

[00:54:06] And you're holding them back. So there's a lot unit. I don't know if we can do it complete justice at this time, but I think at least that touches on a few things. 

[00:54:16] Emily Thompson: And a way I have never quite heard it explained before and beautiful. I mean, I love this idea of just of releasing the connection to that feedback with like, that is their belief and that is fine.

[00:54:32] Right? They can believe that if they want to, but I also completely identify with this idea that if your acceptance of your worth and the worth of your work is where it needs to be, then it's easier to let those things just sort of roll off your back and you move forward doing what it is that you need to do.

[00:54:53] So I think those two, those, those two points there, I could all the point, all the things, but those two for me really stood out. And especially, especially that idea of just that's what they believe. That's fine but move along. 

[00:55:07] Alana Fairchild: You know, I really want to say one other thing about this, and it's a story that I heard.

[00:55:12] About, an advanced spiritual teacher and he was talking to this interviewer and the interview was telling him about a health condition that he had and the guy did some healing for him. And, and then he, the guy, the interviewer said to the teacher, you know, or I'll show you to the room they met at this conference or something like that.

[00:55:33] And, the healer teacher said, yes, that's fine. And so the interviewer led him to his room and then he said, it was really weird because the, the healer teacher was asking this interviewer to do these weird things. He was like, oh, can you pick up my coat and put it on the chair over there? And then he did it.

[00:55:50] And then he said, oh, actually, no, I prefer it over there on the bench. Could you do that? And he did a few of those things. And then he said to the guy, okay, you can go now, thank you so much. And the interviewer left the room and he thought, well, what's that? It was really odd. And then he sat with me. And later he realized the teacher healer had kind of given this comic offering, he'd taken something and he'd help that person.

[00:56:14] And so there was a comic debt there and he realized that in a very kind of humble way, without making a song and dance about it, him asking this interview, a guy to move his coat and pour him a glass of water and these little things, it was helping to clear the karma. So there was none left it freed, both.

[00:56:32] And I think, you know, we have to understand that this kind of comic energy of, you know, whatever you want to call it, the cosmic, checks and balances may be, or give and receive, they exchange the universe is always wanting to bring itself back to equilibrium. The body does it too. So it's just this understanding.

[00:56:48] It's a natural law. It's a spiritual law. When you can give, you have to be willing to receive otherwise you're binding yourself and everyone else in this contract, you've got to come back next time and do it all again, until you figure out that it's okay. And the more you give, the more you need to be open to receive.

[00:57:04] And it's a flip side. If you want to give more, you've got to be open to receive more. It's just, you've got to let it flow. And it's not even about being selfish or not selfish, and it's not about being materialistic or whatever. There are many ways that grace can come to you into your life, but it's just understanding if you stop the flow coming back, you're not helping anyone.

[00:57:24] You know, you can't just give it all and not receive it's unnatural. And I think that sort of flips it a little bit and gives us a different perspective of which can be helpful. 

[00:57:35] Emily Thompson: Again, never heard it described in that way either. I love that. I appreciate you sharing that story as we begin wrapping this up.

[00:57:46] I'm wondering if you have anything, any sort of last advice you give for, especially the creatives and artists out there who, you may be looking at, you know, upgrading their creative process or really tapping in. And I say creatives and artists, but I think anyone who's listening to this probably desires to tap into that creative flow and create the next thing from that like most beautifully aligned place any last bits of advice.

[00:58:16] Alana Fairchild: I think being in your heart, trust your process, ask for help and let it. 

[00:58:23] Emily Thompson: Simple as that. Perfect. Thank you. I want to aware, can our listeners find more about 

[00:58:30] Alana Fairchild: you? I have a website, so it's Alana So you can find me there. I'm on socials and I'm doing lots of different things. Probably in a bookstore near you.

[00:58:39] So I feel like when I look down and sort of lift in life, starts to shift into whatever the new era is, you'll be able to find me, but online is pretty. Yeah. 

[00:58:49] Emily Thompson: Perfect. And I will make a rack. I have a couple of Alana's decks. All very fantastic. I also have a couple of her meditations. Your ISIS meditations are what I listen to.

[00:59:02] When I'm on planes,

[00:59:08] Alana Fairchild: they get like pop up in the strangers. They help someone get over their fear of the dentist. Apparently, they do some interesting things that, that they do. 

[00:59:17] Emily Thompson: I do not love lying at all. So if I'm, if anyone ever sees me on a plane with like Megan noise, cancelling headphones on know that I'm listening to Alana, who's like singing me some eyes as blessing.

[00:59:31] Alana Fairchild: It's going to be a ride. 

[00:59:33] Emily Thompson: I'm in my obsidian temple, 

[00:59:35] and I am a saint

[00:59:38] Alana Fairchild: healing everyone on the plane while you're there and 

[00:59:41] Emily Thompson: We're all doing great. So I do highly recommend, uh, any and all the things that Alanna has created, especially that meditation. Um, and, and yes, definitely go follow her in all the places. And I have one last question for you. If I may, it's my usual, what is making you feel most boss?

[01:00:05] Alana Fairchild: I've been working with B energy

[01:00:11] and looking at the consciousness of the queen bee and how the bee energy works to do these accomplished these amazing creative tasks than it does with such organizations. So I was doing this and I was walking down the street and someone, I was thinking about it, someone handed me a little sachet, they were like giving out samples.

[01:00:31] It was a queen bee moisturizer. I was like, I think this is aside. So I'm going to say the bee energy. That is a perfect, 

[01:00:42] Emily Thompson: perfect answer. And what's so funny about this, to wrap this up because I feel like this is amazingly appropriate for this session is literally the last conversation I had with my kid.

[01:00:53] Before I came to record. This was about bees, 

[01:00:56] Alana Fairchild: obviously 

[01:00:59] Emily Thompson: This is totally about bees. Yep. She thinks we need to be beekeepers. Perfect. Alana, this has been a pleasure. Thank you for coming to hang out and have this chat with me. 

[01:01:10] Alana Fairchild: Thanks so much. Thank you for having me. Lots of love to you and to your listeners.

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