Episode 19 // Communicate Like a Boss

May 12, 2015

In today’s episode of Being Boss, Emily and Kathleen talk about communication – whether it’s in-person, over Skype, via email, on the telephone or even text. We cover managing your inbox and writing effective emails to talking about phone phobias and the best way to handle miscommunications.

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"You can train your clients to communicate with you exactly the way you need to communicate."
- Emily Thompson

Discussed in this Episode

  • Kathleen's client onboarding process + the communication and life of a project with Braid Creative
  • Emily's client onboarding process + the communication and life of a project with Indie Shopography
  • Being overwhelmed by email and how to manage your time spent in your inbox: Assistants, unsubscribing to unnecessary emails, turning off unnecessary email notifications
  • Email etiquette: Keeping it short and realizing when you don't need to reply
  • Sending emails to get the responses you want by only sending one request or using numbering, bullet points, highlighting or bolding to make it scannable
  • Email tones and determining the line of when to use exclamation points or smiley faces. Experimenting with voice recordings.
  • Meeting the communication styles of your clients and the pros and cons of emails vs. voice/video/in-person
  • How to have effective phone calls and establishing a meeting length/hard stop from the beginning
  • Maintaining a balance between being professional and conversational in concise emails


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