November 20, 2018

Episode #203 // Build a Community For Your Business with Jadah Sellner

These days it seems like all the online businesses are focused on building a community…but that’s easier said than done. So today, Jadah Sellner joins us to talk about building a community with heart in a way that creates genuine connection, authentic engagement, and raving fans.

“I think it’s so often the things that we resist and we finally give into that work.”

“Don’t be on a platform if it feels like a chore; it’s not going to land and it’s not going to resonate with the person on the other side.”

“Building a community really has to be about service, not monetizing.”

“It’s those offline connections that can actually leverage the online communities that you’re building.”

“That’s actually the blessing of having a small community is you can do a lot more personal touch things to more people, which will then build those raving loyal fans.”

“In this online business world, we’re so quick to automate, but you can’t outsource connection and you can’t automate authenticity.”

“Pour more time into your body than your business because you are the thing that is fueling the business.”

Do the work. Be boss.

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"Building a community really has to be about service, not monetizing."
- Jadah Sellner


  • Jadah's entrepreneurial journey from Simple Green Smoothies
  • Pushing through vs. listening to resistance
  • Differentiating yourself in a large market
  • Knowing when to quit or exit your business
  • Making connections with your idols
  • Jadah's current work with community-building
  • Scaling a community
  • Where to build your online community
  • Growing a paid community + setting boundaries & expectations
  • Creating a community with intention
  • How to find your first community members


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Building a community is about service, not monetizing