Episode 204

Your Brightest Life with Caroline Kelso Zook

November 27, 2018

Get ready for a mindset shift! Today, Caroline Kelso Zook joins us on Being Boss to talk about all things from listening to your body to avoid burnout, to finding that work/life balance or blend (especially when you work with your life partner), to cultivating confidence to explore your creativity, and of course we’re talking about her new book and how to live your brightest light.

Episode Transcript
"Confidence takes experience and experience takes action."
- Caroline Kelso Zook

Discussed in this Episode

  • Being out of commission (with something like Shingles) as an entrepreneur and the importance of taking care of ourselves
  • Caroline's creative entrepreneurial journey
  • Navigating the boundaries between work and life when that line is so blurry
  • Working with your life partner
  • Caroline's independent work as an artist
  • Creating without the pressure of making money
  • What does it mean to live your brightest life?

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