September 22, 2015

Episode #38 // For Creatives Who Hate Selling with Jason Zook

Today we’re talking with our other boss boyfriend, Jason Zook. You might know Jason from the Invisible Office Hours podcast with Paul Jarvis or one of his many projects including selling advertising space on his body or selling his last name. Jason is talking with us about some of his projects and how to embrace what makes you different so that you can fuel your creative self.

'With every idea I have, I give it a week. If I still want to do it in a week, then I move forward.' -@jasondoesstuff Click To Tweet Side products are so important for creatives. They can be an outlet and inspiration for other things. @jasondoesstuff Click To Tweet 'You have to be really careful when you're getting feedback. Know who it's from and how to take it.' -@jasondoesstuff Click To Tweet 'Build a trust circle of people who aren't just going to cheerlead.' -@jasondoesstuff Click To Tweet 'You're the one who's creating this thing. Put that out in the world and trust yourself.' -@jasondoesstuff Click To Tweet 'It's so easy for me to write because I had done it so much. I built a habit that is now a skill.' -@jasondoesstuff Click To Tweet 'I think it's okay to stop doing things. You have to stop if things aren't serving you.' -@jasondoesstuff Click To Tweet 'Everyone can be a writer, all you have to do is just write.' -@jasondoesstuff Click To Tweet 'If you don't learn from your failure, you're never going to grow.' -@jasondoesstuff Click To Tweet 'It doesn't matter what you name your business. If it's great, then whatever it's called will work.' -@jasondoesstuff Click To Tweet

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"You're the one who's creating this thing. Put that out in the world and trust yourself."
- Jason Zook


  • Embracing your "weirdness" and turning it into your superpower
  • How to consider feedback on your ideas and side projects
  • Passion projects and side projects
  • Giving up and quitting things
  • Having a dream vs. following projects in the moment


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