Episode 205

First Year of Business at Almanac Supply Co

December 4, 2018

Emily has had her product-based business, Almanac Supply Co, for one year now! So today we’re checking in on what she’s learned in her first year of business, how fraudy feelings come up even when you’ve had other businesses, the bumps and failures along the way, and some of the habits and routines she’s cultivated to step into the role of CEO and build a new business.

Episode Transcript
"The effort with which you start something is often the effort required to sustain it."
- Emily Thompson

Discussed in this Episode

  • Recap of Emily's business journey and how Almanac Supply Co came to be
  • Dealing with fraudy feelings in the first year of business
  • Forming your identity as a business owner
  • Bumps and failures from the first year of a product business
  • Developing the skill of researching
  • Habits & routines for starting a business from scratch
  • Emily's CEO Day
  • Keeping it simple and conserving energy when you're starting a business
  • Living and working with the seasons
  • How your values play into what you create in your business
  • Top tools for running a retail business

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Emily Thompson


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