Episode 206 // Company of One with Paul Jarvis

December 11, 2018

Boss boyfriend, Paul Jarvis is back on Being Boss! He’s got a new book called Company of One, so we’re digging into the mindset of being a solopreneur, finding “enoughness” in your business, finding resilience, and hiring vs. partnering on projects.

“A lot of times we’re so busy working at our business, we don’t spend any time working on our business.” -Paul Jarvis

“A lot of times growth comes down to our own ego.” -Paul Jarvis

“If you’re doing business right working for yourself, it’s really just hedonism for profit.” -Paul Jarvis

“Creativity thrives on constraints.” -Paul Jarvis

Learn More about the Topics Discussed in this Episode
"A lot of times we're so busy working at our business, we don't spend any time working on our business."
- Paul Jarvis

Discussed in this Episode

  • Keeping out distractions and being a minimalist boss
  • What is "company of one"
  • Finding that place of enoughness in business
  • Resilience when it comes to chasing "hedonism for hire" & the three traits of resilience
  • Developing an expertise
  • Paul's lessons about marketing he learned from being in an indie band
  • Partnering on a project vs. hiring help for a project
  • Saving and investing as a business owner
  • Optimizing for a better life vs. a bigger life

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