Podcast Episode #52 // New Years Resolutions

Podcast Episode #52 // New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year! This is the 52nd episode of Being Boss, which means we’ve been podcasting for a whole year! Today we’re talking about New Years resolutions, what went well in 2015, what sucked, and what we’re looking forward to accomplishing in 2016. We decided to bring on our boss boyfriends, Paul Jarvis and Jason Zook, to chat with us about this topic!

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Directional goals vs. number-specific goals
  • Finding success in multiples ideas and projects and enjoying the process
  • Anticipation mindset vs. anxiety mindset
  • Making commitments to projects
  • Deadlines and getting stuff done
  • Relaunching and trying again
  • Haters and critics
  • Finding balance
  • Giving back


Buffer commitments creative entrepreneur


'When you're doing multiple things, you're more insulated.' -@pjrvs Click To Tweet 'I go all-in and hyperfocus, and then move onto something else.' -@pjrvs Click To Tweet 'The more that I buffer the commitments I have, the easier it is for those things to get done.' -@pjrvs Click To Tweet 'A lot of creatives put all this work into making something and then they try to launch it just one time.' -@pjrvs Click To Tweet 'If you put yourself in your calendar, then you make yourself important.' -@pjrvs Click To Tweet

Don't shortchange your brand


'I don't put pressure on myself. Nothing I do hinges on just one thing working.' -@jasondoesstuff Click To Tweet 'I'm going to have more ideas. I don't have to squeeze every dollar out of every project.' -@jasondoesstuff Click To Tweet 'That's where you learn stuff—when you mess up, when you make mistakes, and when you have failures.' -@jasondoesstuff Click To Tweet 'Don't force yourself to work on something if you don't feel like it's going to get done right.' -@jasondoesstuff Click To Tweet 'Don't shortchange your brand just because you had a deadline that was arbitrarily set by you.' -@jasondoesstuff Click To Tweet

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