Episode 202

Non-Profit and For-Purpose Business Model with Shawanda Mason-Moore

November 13, 2018

What does it actually look like to start a non-profit business? In today’s episode, Shawanda Mason-Moore, co-founder of the educational non-profit, The Chattery, talks us through some of the logistics of starting and running a non-profit and how the non-profit (or for-purpose) business mindset is different from how we usually view business on Being Boss.

Episode Transcript

Discussed in this Episode

  • Shawanda's creative entrepreneurial journey
  • How Shawanda started her blog
  • What is a non-profit?
  • How a board of directors works with a non-profit
  • Making money when you run a non-profit
  • The challenges of running a non-profit
  • Creating a social impact with your business

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