Episode #105 // Behaving Like a Boss

Behaving like a boss even when you don’t feel like a boss is one of the most important things creative entrepreneurs can do to continue doing the work that builds a successful business. So today we’re talking about what goes into those behaviors.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Getting into the boss mindset: finding confidence and being enthusiastic
  • Writing down goals and to-do lists to help mindset follow behavior
  • Finding the proof that you can do hard things
  • Cultivating habits and routines
  • Boundaries as guidelines for boss behavior
  • Values as gatekeepers for decision making in business
  • Money behavior
  • Living the boss life

Boundaries are where you put attention


It doesn't matter if I'm feeling boss or not, I still have deadlines I have to meet. Click To Tweet Sometimes mindset takes cues from behavior. Click To Tweet Habits and routines are what allow us to replicate actions that will know will lead us to success. Click To Tweet Habits and routines are the things that keep us from floundering in uncertainty. Click To Tweet Boundaries are what you choose to give attention to. Click To Tweet


Everything starts with your mindset. It is the foundation of how you are boss. Click To Tweet If you behave as if you're confident, you will feel more confident. Click To Tweet Whenever I look at my track record and see proof that I can do hard things, my mindset begins to shift. Click To Tweet Habits and routines allow you to do the work without thinking about the work. Click To Tweet The ability to make money is the difference between hobbyists and bosses. Click To Tweet

Difference between hobbyists and bosses

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