Episode 121

Get More Clients with Halley Gray of Evolve and Succeed

April 25, 2017

Want months of clients booked in advance? Meet Halley Gray, of Evolve and Succeed, she teaches coaches, designers, and VAs how to launch their services in her signature program, Be Booked Out. She talks with us about unique, authentic, and genuine marketing strategies and is spilling all of her sales page secrets.

Episode Transcript
"If you're just being yourself, you're being authentic, and that's not necessarily a marketing strategy."
- Halley Gray

Discussed in this Episode

  • Kathleen & Emily on Halley's drunk webinar
  • How to keep your marketing strategies authentic and genuine
  • How to get into the space of innovation
  • Being creative in a way that can alienate or anger some of your audience
  • The secrets of sales pages
  • How to determine your dream client before you've worked with them

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Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson


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Kathleen Shannon


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