Episode #122 // Hosting Offline Events

Episode #122 // Hosting Offline Events

Get offline and in-person. Today we’re talking all about hosting and attending offline meet-ups and retreats. We’ve noticed a trend in people shying away from the internet lately and craving more offline time, so we’re talking about how to mix the offline and online in your business.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Are people running away from the internet?
  • The changing landscape of social media and ecourses
  • In-person lunch dates & coffee dates
  • Local workshops
  • How to find local meetups
  • Attending small retreats
  • Creating your own retreat
  • Pros and cons of hosting your own retreat
  • Making money from retreats & using sponsors
  • Getting help to plan your in-person event
  • Starting small with in-person events

hosting vs attending a business retreat


In the grand scheme of things, we're still at the forefront of making money online. Click To Tweet It's really good for a brand to have an ecourse and to do it really well. Click To Tweet Hosting a retreat is very different from attending a retreat. Click To Tweet People are going to start attaching those connections they made at your meet-up to your brand. Click To Tweet


I think the internet is the future of education. Click To Tweet If you want to hold an in-person event for your business, you have to experience them first. Click To Tweet Think about hosting an event where you are before you try to go off somewhere else. Click To Tweet When you are attending an event, you are responsible for having a good time. Click To Tweet

hosting an event in your city

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