Episode #123 // Evolving Your Business with Elizabeth Dehn

May 9, 2017

When it comes time to evolve and shift your business, how do you handle the transition gracefully without getting scattered and spread thin? Elizabeth Dehn of Beauty Bets joins us on the Being Boss Podcast to share her experience of building a successful beauty website and how she’s working on expanding into podcasting and transitioning her content to focus on holistic healing and a little bit of woo.

If you want to make something, you don't have to wait to have a big platform, but it has to be part of your day. Click To Tweet The act of doing something you enjoy for no other reason is a beautiful thing. Click To Tweet I know if I am doing what I love and putting that energy out there, it's just good for business. Click To Tweet Get really clear on what you want to do and why—not for someone else, not because you think you should. Click To Tweet
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"The act of doing something you enjoy for no other reason is a beautiful thing."
- Elizabeth Dehn

Discussed in this Episode

  • Elizabeth's path to becoming a creative entrepreneur
  • Building and practicing your craft while working a full-time job, before you have an audience
  • Starting a blog or returning to blogging
  • Transitioning from blogging to podcasting
  • How to blend or combine your interests and not feel overwhelmed
  • Balancing going "all-in" on something vs experimenting
  • Shifting your business and brand focus


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