Episode #124 // Building a Business with Jessie Pe...

Episode #124 // Building a Business with Jessie Pepper

Jessie Pepper of Style & Pepper and the Marriage is Funny podcast joins us on the Being Boss Podcast to talk about building a business that doesn’t keep you “boxed in,” and evolving and changing when you are the face of your business.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • An overview of all the awesome projects Jessie has up her sleeve
  • Jessie’s creative entrepreneur journey
  • How to keep yourself from being “boxed in” and evolve + grow your business in new directions
  • Building your business as a lifestyle brand
  • Starting with just one thing vs going after ALL your ideas
  • Choosing how you want to grow in your business

Restrictions inspire creative growth


Having creative restrictions on yourself is where you can see so much growth. Click To Tweet When I take care of myself and when I feel put together, I feel really boss. Click To Tweet The confidence that comes from looking good on the outside has such a huge impact on how we feel on the inside. Click To Tweet

How you appear on the outside helps impact how you feel on the inside

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