Episode 131

Be Brave with Kristen Kalp

July 4, 2017

Life coach, Kristen Kalp, joins us today to talk about being brave and showing up for yourself in your life and in your business. We’re talking about weighing the desire of a six-figure income vs. showing up for authentic human connection in your business, separating your work’s worth from your self-worth, and taking the time for intentional, slow growth.

Episode Transcript
"Being brave is just the ability to turn up the volume on yourself."
- Kristen Kalp

Discussed in this Episode

  • Life coaching vs business coaching
  • Kristen's creative entrepreneurial journey + as she works as a coach
  • Using a brand name vs using your own name as your business grows
  • Balancing the desire of a six-figure business with not wanting to focus on money
  • Listening to your body
  • Turning up the volume vs being loud
  • Separating your work from your worth
  • Taking the time for intentional, slow growth
  • Being vulnerable and showing up as who you are for your audience

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