Episode #132 // Maker Boss with Nicole Bisby

Episode #132 // Maker Boss with Nicole Bisby

Candlemaker, Nicole Bisby, shares the importance of starting small and growing slowly as a maker business to stay profitable, out of debt, and be true to your ideals. We’re talking about getting wholesale clients, white labeling your product, and hiring employees + setting up your business to be a successful business owner while being a mother.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Nicole’s path to becoming a candlemaker
  • Starting small as a maker business
  • Nicole’s creative process
  • Maker failures
  • Honing your craft as a maker
  • Finding wholesale clients (Why creatives need LinkedIn)
  • Hiring employees to take over during maternity leave
  • Balancing motherhood with building an empire
  • White labeling your product

Know when to be persistent as a business owner


When you're a maker, your product is a piece of you in your customer's home. Click To Tweet I'm a big proponent of finding other businesses that reflect your brand and working from there. Click To Tweet You can't win them all, and that's okay. Learn when to be persistent and know when to move on. Click To Tweet I definitely believe that you don't need a business degree to do business. Click To Tweet As women, we need to stop trying to be everything to everyone at the same time. Click To Tweet

You don't need a business degree to do business

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