Episode 132

Maker Boss with Nicole Bisby

July 11, 2017

Candlemaker, Nicole Bisby, shares the importance of starting small and growing slowly as a maker business to stay profitable, out of debt, and be true to your ideals. We’re talking about getting wholesale clients, white labeling your product, and hiring employees + setting up your business to be a successful business owner while being a mother.

Episode Transcript
"You can't win them all, and that's okay. Learn when to be persistent and know when to move on."
- Nicole Bisby

Discussed in this Episode

  • Nicole's path to becoming a candlemaker
  • Starting small as a maker business
  • Nicole's creative process
  • Maker failures
  • Honing your craft as a maker
  • Finding wholesale clients (Why creatives need LinkedIn)
  • Hiring employees to take over during maternity leave
  • Balancing motherhood with building an empire
  • White labeling your product

Resources Mentioned

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Emily Thompson


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