Episode #133 // Launching Before You’re Read...

Episode #133 // Launching Before You’re Ready with Merideth VanSant

Merideth VanSant, founder of 405 Yoga and True U Girls, joins us on Being Boss to talk about quitting her corporate job to start a yoga studio, giving the middle finger to fear, and focusing on community and listening to your clients to grow your business and stand out from your competitors.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Merideth’s creative entrepreneurial journey
  • The importance of having support from your partner to follow your dreams
  • Starting a business (opening a yoga studio) in a saturated market
  • The importance of listening to your clients and community to find direction for your business
  • Getting past fear
  • Using your business to step up and give back
  • Doing the work to pitch yourself and get recognition for your business

Being a successful entrepreneur is showing up


Be willing to work at something until you can make it successful. Click To Tweet The thing is, if you create something for everybody, nobody's going to come. Click To Tweet If you wait for something to be perfect, you're just not going to do it. Click To Tweet What people think about you is their business. Click To Tweet Your vision is greater than their ego. Click To Tweet Half the effort of being a successful entrepreneur is showing up. Click To Tweet It's a savvy move as an entrepreneur to partner with people who want to grow and build. Click To Tweet

Partner with people who want to grow and build

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