Episode #134 // Rejection and Resilience with Jessica Lauren

July 25, 2017

Jessica Lauren of No Real Jewelry joins us to talk about resilience in the face of rejection, growing a style blog, and finding the balance of being vulnerable and real while still sharing a curated image of yourself on social media.

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Your wildest dreams can happen by bootstrapping it. Click To Tweet

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"Your wildest dreams can happen by bootstrapping it."
- Jessica Lauren

Discussed in this Episode

  • Jessica's creative entrepreneurial journey
  • Persistence in the face of rejection as an actress/performer
  • Finding purpose in your work by mixing the personal in with the professional
  • Being real and vulnerable without getting too intimate and floodlighting your audience
  • Balancing hustle with faith
  • Doing the work and having discipline to get to where you want to be
  • Balancing a beautiful Instagram feed with a real and authentic story
  • The state of blogging now
  • Turning a blog into a business and bringing on collaborators


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