Episode #94 // Money Mindset

Today’s episode comes from our Freshbooks Live in Toronto Being Boss event. Recorded live from the headquarters of our favorite accounting and invoicing system, there couldn’t be a better place for us to talk about money. Money is the biggest stressor for creative entrepreneurs, so today we’re talking about what to do when you’re freaking out about money and how to get in the right money mindset.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Money attitudes
  • Defining money
  • Money mindset
  • Know your numbers so you know what you’re “freaking out” about
  • Pricing your products
  • What to do when you’re freaking out about money
  • Giving it away for free + other methods of compensation

Don't wait for something to manifest, put yourself out there


Money is just one metric of worth. It's just one metric of value. Click To Tweet How you feel about money can often be a symptom for how you feel about what's really going on. Click To Tweet Business is just a bunch of friends hiring each other. Click To Tweet You can't just meditate on something and wait for it to manifest, you also have to put yourself out there. Click To Tweet You can give it away for free, but you always need to understand how you are being compensated. Click To Tweet


Often when bosses are freaking out about money, it's because they don't know enough about it. Click To Tweet So much clarity comes to your day-to-day operations when you know what your numbers are. Click To Tweet Know your numbers. You cannot depend on something you don't know. Click To Tweet It's not about what you're taking from them now, it's what you're giving them in the future. Click To Tweet In online business, you can give a lot for free that will elevate the value people pay for. Click To Tweet

Know your money numbers

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