Episode 93 // Jasmine Star on Authenticity and Haters

October 11, 2016

Today we’re excited to welcome Jasmine Star on Being Boss. Jasmine became one of the most sought after photographers in California in 2007, and in 2009 she was named on of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world. This was only after starting her photography business in 2006. Now she provides coaching for other creative businesses so we’ve got a lot to talk about scaling a business, shifting focus, and dealing with that inner critic and haters.

You don't have to have everything in order to fall into the thing that you were created to do. Click To Tweet You don't need your creativity and your passion to pay your mortgage, you just have to do it. Click To Tweet I don't want to live my life wondering what if? I would rather try and fail miserably. Click To Tweet Give yourself grace. That's the hardest thing that any boss could do. Click To Tweet Understand that your dream changes over time and that you don't have to monetize the dream. Click To Tweet
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"Give yourself grace. That's the hardest thing that any boss could do."
- Jasmine Star

Discussed in this Episode

  • How Jasmine and Kathleen met
  • Jasmine's story of how she got to where she is today
  • How to find the confidence to pursue your passion when you don't have any experience
  • Scaling and leveraging massive growth
  • The mindset of leaving a job or opportunity that looks good on paper to pursue something else
  • Unrealistic expectations and social media
  • Dealing with haters and being afraid of what people will say
  • Managing your inbox and protecting your time + boundaries


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