Episode #138 // Niching Down with Jessica Mehring

Episode #138 // Niching Down with Jessica Mehring

You’ve heard the importance of “niching down,” so today we’re talking with Jessica Mehring about finding a specific niche—especially as a writer. We’re getting into the specifics of how finding your niche helps you better serve your clients, how to network as a writer, and managing your time wisely so you can produce your best work.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Content vs. copy
  • Jessica’s decision to niche in on tech
  • The importance of finding your niche
  • How to approach niching down
  • How to network as a writer to get more work
  • Best tips for focusing on doing good work
  • Working from home vs renting an office space
  • Managing social media and using your time wisely

Mastery comes with practice


I cannot express how transformative niching can be for business. Click To Tweet You're going to get such a huge payoff once you decide to become a master of something. Click To Tweet Mastery does come from practice. You have to do the hard work. Click To Tweet

Become a master at something

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