Episode #139 // Energetic Boundaries

As a creative entrepreneur, it’s especially important to take care of your energetic boundaries to put your best work into your business. So we’re talking about what causes energetic drains, how to put up and maintain energetic boundaries, the 40 hour work week, and work/life priorities.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Where we pick up energy
  • Being energetically aware of the people close to you
  • How to let go of negative energy
  • The 40 hour work week
  • Work/life priorities

Let go of FOMO


In order to not take it personally, I have to remember: not my monkeys, not my circus. Click To Tweet I used to compartmentalize all the stressors in my life, but they all affect each other. Click To Tweet A lot of taking care of your energetic boundaries is letting go of the fear of missing out. Click To Tweet


If you want to be functioning in top shape, you have to look after your energy levels. Click To Tweet Regret is a choice. You choose what you regret and what you don't. Click To Tweet

You choose what you regret

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