Episode 140

Building a Quality Product with Karen Young of Oui Shave

September 5, 2017

The secret to a successful product-based business? Make the quality so great that your customers can’t help but be fiercely loyal. At least that’s what Karen Young of Oui Shave did when she decided to take on the women’s razor industry. We’re talking with her about building a quality product, creating lasting relationships with your clients, and taking a chance on a product-based business that challenges a system.

Episode Transcript
"There's always room to grow, but seek out the absolute best that you can to offer to your customers."
- Karen Young

Discussed in this Episode

  • Having an inventor/problem-solving mindset as a kid and how that ties with a product-based business
  • Why razors? The history of women's razors
  • Taking a chance on putting a product out there that challenges a system
  • What it takes to start a product-based business
  • Overcoming price barriers when you're sourcing quality products

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