Episode #137 // Get Unstuck and Do the Work

Episode #137 // Get Unstuck and Do the Work

What does it actually look like to do the work? We talk about it all the time, but recently we had a listener ask about what it looks like to do the work, especially when you’re feeling stuck. So we’re digging into what it literally means to do the work, how to get past feeling stuck, and how to cultivate a healthy and positive mindset around getting it done.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • What does it mean to “do the work”
  • How to get past feeling stuck
  • When to let ideas sit/marinate before taking action
  • Keeping a happy mindset when you’re struggling to get through the daily grind and do the work
  • Qualities/characteristics of really successful people

Doing the work is an exploration


Doing the work isn't just one thing; it's an entire exploration. Click To Tweet Don't keep it as just an idea. Start to task it out in your to-do list and you'll make it do. Click To Tweet Get unstuck by doing what you want to do. Click To Tweet


As creatives, we get to do really cool shit, but it's still work. Click To Tweet Even the fun, exciting things about being a creative entrepreneur can feel really mundane. Click To Tweet If you're open to learning that your way isn't the right way, you're much more open for growth. Click To Tweet The thing with luck is that you have to meet it; it doesn't just come to you. Click To Tweet

You have to meet luck halfway

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