Episode 159

Bringing Awareness to Gender and Race with Yolanda T. Cochran

January 16, 2018

Writer and Principal in the production industry, Yolanda T. Cochran, joins us to talk about succeeding as a creative in the film production industry, creating change when it comes to a diversity of gender and race in the production and entertainment industry, and how we can approach difficult conversations when it comes to diversity and inclusion in our own lives.

Episode Transcript
"The further you get from the art, the bigger the trouble you get into."
- Yolanda T. Cochran

Discussed in this Episode

  • Yolanda's background in movie production
  • Why films fail and why films succeed
  • The challenges for women in film and the entertainment industry
  • Dealing with sexism and racism in the film industry
  • What can we do to start breaking that glass ceiling?
  • Checking your own privilege
  • What can we do to start creating change without getting overwhelmed

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