Episode 160

Building a Customer-Focused Business with Brooke Castillo

January 23, 2018

Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School joins us today to talk all about how to become a coach, building a customer-focused business, and what to do when running a business doesn’t feel easy.

Episode Transcript
"Building a business and putting your art out there is going to feel terrible half of the time. Do it anyway."
- Brooke Castillo

Discussed in this Episode

  • What has changed in two years
  • Noticing change as it slowly takes place over time
  • What is the point of it all?
  • How Brooke's life coaching business has evolved
  • Is the life coach market saturated?
  • How much experience do you need in the field in order to coach?
  • Balancing the doing with deepening your skillset
  • The timeline of becoming a coach
  • Building a business to serve your clients
  • Coming to terms with anxiety

Resources Mentioned