Episode 165 // Life and Work as a Full-Time Artist with Amira Rahim

February 27, 2018

Contemporary abstract expressionist painter, Amira Rahim, joins us today to talk about carving out your corner in the market as a visual artist, using tools such as Instagram to share your work and story, and asking for money in exchange for your art. 


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"Everyone can create their own market. Whatever you're selling there's someone out there that's interested in it."
- Amira Rahim

Discussed in this Episode

  • A day in the life of a full-time artist (the non-Instagram version)
  • Becoming known for something vs. being pigeon-holed as an artist
  • Carving out your own corner of the market
  • Sharing your story along the way
  • Using Instagram as an artist or maker
  • Being a prolific artist
  • Selling your work as an artist


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