Episode 69

SEO Made Easy for Creatives with Caitlin Brehm

April 26, 2016

Today we’re bringing our very own Caitlin Brehm (she’s an integral part of our team here at Being Boss) on the show to share how you can create genuine content and authentic SEO that reaches the community you want to call your own.

Episode Transcript
"You need to do the work in order for SEO to work for you."
- Caitlin Brehm

Discussed in this Episode

  • What Search Engine Optimization is all about and why it matters
  • How SEO applies to everyday people trying to build a website
  • Backlinks and guest blogging
  • Authentic SEO vs. sleazy SEO
  • Best tips for helping your website in terms of SEO
  • Confidence + not being afraid to promote your content as a tool for SEO
  • Blogging for your topics of authority vs. personal blog content
  • How social media fits in with SEO
  • What you might be inadvertently doing to hurt your SEO
  • Duplicate content and 301 redirects
  • Website best practices for good SEO
  • The human aspect of good SEO

Resources Mentioned

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Emily Thompson


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