June 14, 2016

Episode #76 // Making a Difference with Your Business with Shop Good

Today Justin and Audrey Falk of Shop Good OKC are joining us today to offer their perspective on being boss with a brick and mortar retail store. We’re talking about sustainability and ethics in business, meeting product demands and not feeling like a sellout, and translating the feel of a brick and mortar store to an online space.

We encourage people to just start small with ethical clothing choices. Start with the basics. Click To Tweet Go get a job for somebody who you want to be. Because you'll do it better gaining that experience. Click To Tweet A business is made from your DNA. Click To Tweet As a creative entrepreneur, you learn something every day and sometimes it's totally unexpected. Click To Tweet Collaborating with someone will give us ideas that we would have never had on our own. Click To Tweet

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"We encourage people to just start small with ethical clothing choices. Start with the basics."
- Shop Good OKC


  • Origin story of Shop Good (3:19)
  • Transitioning to a curated shop (12:51)
  • Creating a business model with a focus on giving back (13:19)
  • Fast fashion vs. slow fashion (15:45)
  • Sourcing from ethical businesses and finding a balance in business ethics (18:55)
  • Picking your battles when buying sustainably + ethically (22:08)
  • Advice for people wanting to start a brick and mortar store (35:11)
  • Strategies to make brick and mortar businesses grow (45:19)
  • Meeting product demands without feeling like a sellout (49:48)
  • Translating a brick and mortar shop feel to an online space (56:42)
  • Moving forward with a purposeful strategy to grow a business that started as grassroots (1:01:44)
  • Challenge to support your local shops (1:18:12)


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