Episode 289

Heal Your Relationship with Rest and Overcome Creative Burnout

February 15, 2022

Why is it so hard for bosses to rest when running a business? In this episode, Emily shares her experience with creative burnout and how she learned to heal her relationship with rest. She explains the importance of rest in order to show up and “do the work”. Emily also offers tips on how you can commit to getting the types of rest that fuel you toward greater fulfillment in life and business.

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"Sometimes doing the work looks like not doing the work, and instead, resting."
- Emily

Discussed in this Episode

  • Emily’s experience with burnout
  • How resting can let you show up better in your business
  • Emily’s resources for recovering from extreme burnout
  • Why some entrepreneurs associate rest with feeling depressed
  • Toxic hustle culture bosses face (and what to do about it)
  • How to get in touch with the best types of rest for you

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[00:00:37] Emily Thompson: Welcome to Being Boss, a podcast for creatives, business owners and entrepreneurs who want to take control of their work and live life on their own terms. I'm your host, Emily Thompson. And in this episode, I'm diving into unpacking your relationship with rest and how and why you should work to heal it.

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[00:01:09] Before we dive in bosses, I have a podcast for you to add to your queue. The Remarkable People Podcast hosted by Guy Kawasaki. Remarkable people helps you better understand the changing world with interviews from thought leaders, legends, and iconic class. Like Julia Cameron author of the Artist Way, which I recently listened to as I continued to do my own artist way practice and it added a whole new layer of appreciation for the process after listening to Julia's interview.

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[00:01:50] Hi bosses, Emily here, obviously all by myself. It has been a long time since the team, let me do a solo episode, but for this one I wanted to come in and just share some musings, if you will, on the topic of rest, I didn't need this to be a conversation with another person. I kind of want you to think of this as me having a conversation with you.

[00:02:15] If that feels right to you, or just listen to me, drone on to myself as you please. I wanted to bring this up because I've seen so many struggles around the topic of rest. Literally, always many of the, my own, if I'm being quite honest, but over the past couple of months, I've seen them in the bosses, in the community and the bosses that I surround myself, my boss friends, and I just want to share some things.

[00:02:43] Over the past couple of years, I've been very open about my own experience with burnout that happened over the course of really 2018, early to mid 2018 to probably mid to late 2019. It was about 18 months of very, deep, dark, ugly burnout. And it was an incredibly hard time for me. And I shared my experience with burnout in several episodes.

[00:03:11] We'll include the links to all of those in the show notes, you can also just search burnout in our feed and you'll find a couple of episodes there. It ended up resulting in me even buying out Kathleen from this company. And taking the podcast on my own because she was also experiencing it and needed to heal from it in a different way than I did.

[00:03:33] And during my course of burnout, I spent a lot of time. Resting. I knew that that is what I needed in order to get through my burnout. And I think that for many of you, you might also find that rest is also what you need. However, I also see that a lot of people, including myself, have some weird, awful incorrect relationships with rest, and it's something that I want to spend.

[00:04:04] A few minutes, if this probably won't be the longest episode by any means that we've ever done, probably one of the shortest, but I want to spend some time reflecting on what I'm seeing, both in myself and others around the topic of rest and to dive in a little bit on how it is and why it is that you should maybe look at your relationship with rest and

[00:04:26] mend it and embrace rest for the amazing power that it has, especially in the time that we are currently living. And especially, especially in this context, as you being an entrepreneur as a business owner, Because it is part of the entrepreneurial culture to some extent or another to work. When we say it at the end of every one of these episodes, do the work be boss, but I'm also very clear and have been all along the way that doing the work looks like all kinds of things, right?

[00:05:03] Sometimes it's sending the email, it's opening the file. Designing the thing it's delivering the thing to the client. It's doing the things in your life that are going to make you feel fulfilled. It's planning and going on that vacation, it's cooking the meal that you want or need it is doing the work.

[00:05:21] Sometimes doing the work also looks like not doing work, but resting and making the time and space for you to rest is a work all on its own. And so I want to dive into that a little bit today, the work of resting, if we need to put it in boss' terms, that we can all understand this idea of doing this work, to have doing the work to rest so that you can show up.

[00:05:51] Better work and all of the places in your life that you need it to happen. I'm also not here glorifying necessarily the idea of work, but we're bosses. We are naturally driven people. We want to work. We feel better when we're working to some extent or another, but you need rest in order to work. I'm going to dive into this for two very big reasons.

[00:06:16] One, we did a month in the community in late 2021, actually in December where the focus of our content of some things that we were doing in the Being Boss community, which is free. Now, if you do want to come join us, the thing was rest. And my plan for setting that theme was that we would get bosses to prioritize rest for themselves.

[00:06:38] It would have them reflecting on things around rest, how they define rest, what they struggle with when it comes to resting. And we ended the month with a community mandatory Lazy Day , which was a ton of fun for me and everyone who did it. But I was a little shocked to see how few bosses actually took the time.

[00:06:59] And did the rest that they wanted to take, that they need to take? Absolutely. I think absolutely every single boss listening to this right now needs to rest. There is always a little bit of room for error there. Of course we blanket statements. But I do think that this one is one where we all need to rest to some extent or another.

[00:07:21] Is this been a harrowing two years, to say the very least, and a little bit of rest is something that it's not even something we've earned. You don't earn rest. It's a God-given right to rest when you want it or need it. And bosses super struggle with it. So the two reasons why I'm talking about this one, we talked about in December in the community, and I got to see how bosses were dealing with rest, sort of across the spectrum.

[00:07:48] And two, as I have dove into my own season of rest, I'm also having to look in the mirror at myself as to my own relationship with rest and what I'm seeing there as. It's an odd thing to see looking back at me, and I want to share this so that you can hopefully fill this in yourself, whether it's true or not, cause either way.

[00:08:10] Great. And do some work to heal this relationship with rest so that you can rest in the ways that you need. One of the things that I find bosses struggling with the most often is a lack of discipline to actually prioritize rest. And I think this stems very largely from a lack of understanding as to the value of rest.

[00:08:39] As I'm recording this. And also when I think that this is scheduled to be released, we are still in the season of winter. It is a natural part of the, of nature's cycle of creation, right. Of growing trees and flowers and, and baby animals and all of these things. Winter a season of rest is a part of that natural cycle of creation.

[00:09:07] You as a human on the planet earth should also to some extent honor those seasons as well. So when you have a hard time finding time to rest, you are jacking up the natural process of you evolving of you creating, of you showing up to do the work that you are here to do. So let me, like, if you struggle with seeing the value of it, know that it is a mandatory part of the process, it is just as important as brainstorming.

[00:09:38] As ideating, as planning, as showing up and doing the legit worth of producing the thing of delivering it, of making your client or customer happy of celebrating your wins. Rest is an important part of that process. You would not start a business and not deliver it to your client. You would not start a business and not plan for your next thing.

[00:10:03] You should not start a business and not rest. It is rest that affords you the ability to show up and do all of the other things and my own experience and burnout. One of the things that I realized very early on was that burnout was caused by a deficit of rest. Where not only did you not have enough, but you owed some to the system, right?

[00:10:29] A lot of it, usually it comes from you having such a lack of energy because you have not rested. So if you value your work, you should absolutely value your rest. One of the best books that I ever read, around this I think I read this maybe during burnout. I can't really recall the timeline, but it's a book called rest.

[00:10:53] Why you get more done when you work less? And whenever I read this book, it obviously all, they all blow my mind to some extent or the other. That's why you read right to have your mind expanded. But I remember really understanding on a deeper value. Or on a deeper level, the value of rest. And it's one of the things that really allowed me to sink into rest during my own season of birth.

[00:11:17] So I actually did, sort of now time, look back at my season of burnout on the Food Heaven podcast with Wendy and Jessica. It was such a fun interview. I recorded it sort of early December. It came out in early January of 2022. So I highly recommend if you're interested in sort of that whole story, as I see it through the lens of two years, ish removed from burnout.

[00:11:45] Definitely go check out that episode. I'll be sure that there is a link to that in the show notes for this episode as well. But one of the things that, one of the things that I was able to do for myself during burnout was to just really rest. It meant taking a lot off my plate at work. It meant laying in bed a ton.

[00:12:04] It meant, really just prioritizing rest. And one of the things that I see in bosses, well actually, even before. And I rested for a year. Let me put that in there as well. This is not necessarily something where I was able to rest for a weekend or a week. I had to rest for a year in order to get myself out of burnout.

[00:12:28] I think oftentimes people think that burnout is something that you take a weekend or a week, and then you're fine. It took me a year. And not to say that it will take you a year if you were feeling burned out, but maybe it might. And it took me prioritizing rest for a year for me to find my way out of burnout.

[00:12:51] So if a boss feel free to raise your hand, if that is you struggles with prioritizing rest for a day. Or for a weekend or for a week, how in the world are you going to be able to prioritize your rest for a year? If you find yourself needing it, you're not, and you're going to be burned out for the rest of your life, which is not what anyone wants.

[00:13:21] So whenever given opportunities to rest for a day or a weekend or a week, Take it it's one of the things that I actually really Excel at now, post burnout is I have no problem taking a day and just not getting out of my PJ's. In fact, mandatory lazy days, one of my favorite things before and after burnout.

[00:13:46] And we have a mini-sode on mandatory lazy days. If you want to know more about what this, this thing is that I created, it's, also linked in the show notes, lots of links for this episode. And it's something that we wrote about in the Being Boss book, because it is a really important part of how I have always shown up and, prioritize rest for myself.

[00:14:08] Sometimes, apparently I need it more than others. But made sure lazy days are everything. So bosses often lack the discipline to prioritize resting. I think that stems from a lack of understanding as to the value of it, but I just stated that it is imperative part of the process and a lack of rest will absolutely lead to burn out.

[00:14:32] For the past two years, sure. Our physical bodies may have been resting because we can't really go out and live in the way that we used to live. But our minds are worn the F out. Are they not? Am I the only one who is so tired of considering life or death situations, just thinking about going to the grocery store, right.

[00:14:54] Or planning a vacation and having four different alternatives in the event that it gets jacked up. Right. Our brains are tired. They need to rest. So finding in yourself, whatever it is that's going to enable you the discipline, right? The like this is important. The prioritization to allow yourself to rest is I think step number one.

[00:15:24] Well, actually step number one is just knowing, but we all know that we all know retire. Step number two is discipline. Show up for yourself and rest. And then three is the actual act of resting. Because this is, this is where I'm going to be reflecting on you guys. This is, these are my reflections as to what I've experienced around rest that this past season of rest for me.

[00:15:50] And it came up, I think in a couple of episodes ago, actually. Yes, there is hustle good or bad episode, published in late or mid December. I think I talk about how I had just come out of a season of hustle. I was entering into a season of rest. I'm now probably a little, maybe over halfway through my season of rest.

[00:16:11] And I'm not as good at this as I thought I was. I have no problem prioritizing it. Let me tell you that is not my problem. I am here. I am not getting out of my pj's quite a lot. And I'm seeing how much other people struggle with it. And I'm not seeing myself in that at all. I understand the value of resting.

[00:16:32] I spent a year understanding the value of resting. Now, when I feel the need to rest, I have no problem putting it on my calendar or just like clearing things off and resting. Here's my problem. My problem is that both as an entrepreneur, I think, I think that's like one part of it, but also having spent an entire year plus resting in one of the most depressed stages of my life.

[00:17:05] I have built a clear and disgusting association between resting and being depressed.

[00:17:16] And I say this, I'm sharing this with you because I think that many of you will likely see that association in your own being. So for a long time, I just thought, okay, we suck at prioritizing rest. Gotcha. But I also think there is this additional element that I've been, you know, staring at the face in the face of, for the past couple of weeks that

[00:17:43] resting actually feels gross because we are associating it with something that's not necessarily true. So as an entrepreneur, rest is a bad thing, right? Like you should be hustling or, and I'm saying this as like, that is what the toxic entrepreneurial hustle culture teacher this correct. So we think we are doing it wrong if we are resting.

[00:18:06] So resting is a bad thing. We shouldn't rest. We have built that unconscious association. And raising my hand cause apparently it's still in there for me too, but also as myself having rested for a year in the most depressed stage of my life, it's really hard for me to just chill on a Sunday because I'm sad.

[00:18:27] And why am I sad? Oh wait, because I'm resting in the past. When I have rested, I have been incredibly sad. So I'm just working through that. It's no answers. I also think that there's just some general guilt and shame. I in sort of society at large around resting and that's something, again, I don't, I feel like I've broken that one pretty well, but if you feel that as resonance within you work on addressing that it is not shameful.

[00:18:57] I, if I ever hear someone taking a long restful weekend, I look at that person. I'm like, oh, you are a boss. I love that for you, right? There is this like part of society that honors your need to rest. And so if you can't find that in anyone, you can find it in me. Oh, well that for sure. So it's releasing some of that.

[00:19:20] And for me, there is a very big need to release a, an association between resting and being sad. One of the ways that I have been working on this is as resting. And like for me, rest, literally thinking in particular is one time. And I've done this actually a couple of times over the past couple of weeks where I will sit myself on that couch.

[00:19:42] And I will stare at that window and I will make myself sit there for an hour and not do anything. I'm not going to read. I'm not going to do anything productive. I'm not going to like, you know, how little craft project in my hand, I'm not going to be planning something. I just want to be, I don't want to do, I [00:20:00] just want to be.

[00:20:01] And usually at some part in that I start feeling sad and I'm like, wait, I'm not sad. Why am I feeling sad? And so I will start a gratitude practice and those moments of like, okay, instead of being sad, I'm going to go for the most highest expression of abundance right. Of happiness. And then his gratitude.

[00:20:24] And so I'll just add my mind started thinking of all the things that I'm grateful for. And for me in those moments, at least it works, but I also am consistently budding up with this experience of arresting and feeling sad or even sometimes angry or depressed. And my anger is definitely associated at least a little bit with the idea that I can not go out in the world and experience it in the way that I would like because of a pandemic.

[00:20:49] But that's not for this conversation. That's something that I'm dealing with separately. Maybe, maybe I'm dealing with it too. So there is this association, with that, that I'm dealing with. And I, if my experience is resonating with you, I, I hope that helps. I hope that helps because we all need to get into this place where we are deeply healing our relationship with rest, which we are identifying as an imperative part of our process for evolution and for creating.

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[00:23:14] One of the things that I'm also seeing amongst my boss friends, and also in myself as I'm waving around my hand in this moment is that your body will make you rest. If you won't do it willingly. And I'm seeing this manifest in a myriad of different ways, right? Bosses who are burned out, who end up getting flare ups or discovery of auto-immune diseases that are going to make them slow down of people who are getting, you know, otherwise sick.

[00:23:44] I mentioned waving my hand around because I have developed an interesting sort of stress related injury in my right hand. Which has me unable to work to the extent that I usually would. So if you fuck around and find out your body is going to teach you a lesson, and it's something that I see over and over again, in so many different ways you have to rest.

[00:24:14] Your body, your brain needs rest. I also know that whenever my brain needs a rest, especially if you're in the Being Boss community. If you come and do lives with me often when I'm tired, my brain stops sending words to my mouth, which is an interesting problem for a podcaster. As you can imagine. And something that I experience when I'm tired more than ever.

[00:24:38] And so again, my body, my physical being my brain's connection to my mouth will stop. And I will literally be unable to find the words that I am trying to say when I get tired. So there is this understanding that. There's this sort of reconciling between physical and mental work. I feel like part of maybe even the societal guilt and shame is if you're sitting at a computer all day, how could you be tired?

[00:25:07] You know, you're not paving a road or building a building or crafting something with your hands. Mental work takes its toll as well. And so reconciling that there is this link, or not even only that work, that you can be tired in your mind and your body and that you need to give the both of them or rest sometime is important and that your body will show up and teach you the lesson.

[00:25:32] If your brain will not, will not make space for you to rest in all the ways that you need to. So let's heal it, I guess again, I just want to share these things with you so that we can open up the doors of awareness to our own relationships with rest, because I'm seeing a lot and I want us all to do better.

[00:26:05] Want us all to do better. So, what does rest look like? I don't know. It looks different for everyone. Absolutely everyone. And this is where that very boss aspect comes into resting another boss aspect, apart from your mindset around it and creating boundaries that protect it is really knowing yourself. One of my favorite Being Boss maxims, I will say this often is Being Bosses, owning who you are, knowing what you want and actually making it happen.

[00:26:33] And you can't own who you are. If you don't know who you are. And then as the opening, the door of self-awareness that I was just talking about, right. Being self-aware allows you to know who you are, what you need, and that allows you to do all the other things that we do here at Being Boss. So in order to appropriately rest, you have to know yourself.

[00:26:55] You have to know what it is that is restful for you. Here’s my examples. So for a lot of people, wrestling looks like a good Netflix binge. Not me, not me, for whatever reason, TV in my brain, coming in my eye holes into my brain is not restful. It never really has been, an exception of this is, watching beauty and the beast.

[00:27:22] I find that incredibly, like I'll just put that in the backgrounds and get background noise, or Lord of the rings or The Hobbit. In, in any of those will work. There's a couple, so there are a couple of movies that are, you know, really chill settings, some, a good soundtrack, whatever it may be that I will find restful, or it created an environment in which I can rest, but general television or movie watching is not restful for me.

[00:27:49] I can't do it. That may not be true. The point here is that you need to know yourself. Is that restful for you or is that someone else's version of rest and you need to release it because I can't watch TV and rest, unless it's Beauty and The Beast, either one cartoon or live action I'm down or Lord of the rings or the Hobbit, any of those movies, which literally that's like a whole day of, that's like two days of rest right there.

[00:28:17] So TV is not restful. Also I'm an introvert. So in general, hanging with my friends is not restful also. I'm a laugher and there is like, there's an energizing that happens when I am with people, a bit and mostly from the joking and the playing and the, you know, doing fun things and having really energizing conversations and all of these things.

[00:28:45] But that is not restful for me. Those are two different things I need, I use those for two different purposes. So if I'm resting, I'm going to be alone or with someone with whom I don't really need to speak, that I can just be alone with. So in general, being around people who are not my immediate family, and even then I'm only with them all the time because they have to be at the moment.

[00:29:07] I'd be more rested if I were alone. But hanging with friends is not rest. That is not rest for me. Maybe it is for you. And if so, love that for you. Here's what resting is for me. Resting is doing some good yen yoga, not anything too crazy though. I can maybe get a little crazy, but like a good stretchy yen.

[00:29:29] I'm not the kind of yoga person who needs to, like, who needs to sweat to feel like I did something, just stretch it out. So wrestling to me is just like a, a good roll in the floor, I guess. Just stretching and. Doing some yoga, some breathing, some good meditating. Likewise. I know many people to whom that meditating is not resting.

[00:29:53] They can't get there. They can't do it. That's not how they do it. Then don't work for me. Not for you. I know who I am. You need to know who you are to. Quiet walks is it really restful for me and quiet, meaning I don't want to be with anyone. We're not having any conversations. And I do not have music or a podcast in my ears.

[00:30:16] I am alone. My brain space is mine. That for me, that like very clear definition of a quiet walk for me is restful for me. I also sleep a lot. Like a lot, a lot. And in a season of rest, I'm sleeping a lot, a lot, a lot to, like I might have gotten, like, I probably really get my nine hours of sleep every night.

[00:30:41] And eating less than seven is not pretty for me when I, especially specially in a season of rest when I really need to get in there and just take care of myself in a really restful way. For some people that's agonizing. If that's for you, love that for you. I need to sleep. So for you, what I want you to spend a bit of time doing after you listen to the episode or feel free to pause me and think about this for yourself, is what does rest feel like to you?

[00:31:13] What is it, what isn't it know yourself really feel into the couple of times in the past year or two or five? If we need to give yourself a good window that you have felt rested, what were you doing? Who were you with? Where were you? And get in touch with the things that make you feel incredibly restful.

[00:31:37] Another one of my favorite resties can I call them? resties that's weird. I just made that word up, is sitting outside cozy if it's cold and just listening to the birds and something I've been doing on my front porch, which is fixed if you've been following along with that saga. Going into the woods is also very restful for me, a nice calm walk in the woods or a good sit, especially cozy.

[00:32:06] If it's cold outside in the woods, incredibly restful for me, those are the things that worked for me. It is up to you now to define what is restful for you. And basically what I want to wrap this up with is this idea that society, as a whole is not going to help you rest. Because we want you to be productive, right?

[00:32:31] Capitalism in all ways, all the things like we've heard, the arguments we've seen the posts. We've we know, however, you are the boss of yourself. Are you not? Is that not why we are here in this moment? Can you not redefine your reality? Take control of your work and live life on your own terms? One way or the other, if even in small pockets of time, you are here because you are claiming that power over yourself.

[00:33:00] So prioritize it. Do the work that is not work, but it does take work to make it happen. And I also say this in this moment, because one day we're going to be able to go back in the world. To our fullest extent, fingers crossed. Right? Right. Is this going to be a thing that's going to be a thing, right? Can we do that?

[00:33:28] And that I'm not going to want to arrest anymore? I don't know about you, but I have a couple of pools, several bars, every restaurant that I can like find right. Planes everywhere, everywhere, couple amusement parks. Boats, you name it. I'm going to be there no time to rest. So I personally am taking this opportunity.

[00:33:56] To have an extended season of rest. Yes. I'm here doing things. Y'all, I'm recording this podcast. I am. I'm organizing, creating marketing calendars. I am working, but I am also resting. I am not winning a single productivity award over here. Not hardly. And I'm fine with it. I am fine with it. I am resting because one I'm tired.

[00:34:22] O M G and my time, my brain is tired. My brain cannot currently, look, I'm losing my words, literally in this moment, it can not perform. How about that? I can not perform on the same level that it did two years ago. It can't is tired. My body's okay. I've already doing a good job. My brain is. So I'm resting.

[00:34:45] I'm taking care of myself because I do want to be ready when I need to use my brain a hundred percent and my body. And I'm not going to want to work when I can go play. And so I'm taking this opportunity to rest as much as I can. And I want to encourage you to do the same thing. And I say this too, because I was literally having a conversation with David, my partner this morning, where he is feeling the depths of winter rest.

[00:35:17] Right. I feel like we all are. They we're like we're in this, the winter of this pandemic or in the winter currently, if you're in the Northern and the Northern hemisphere, you were literally in winter, there is this, this energy around us of just like, like it ain't spring yet. It's not, we're still in winter.

[00:35:37] And so if you're feeling that things are off, I also had a friend recently messaged me and she was like, what's happening with the planets right now? Something feels off. And I was like, it's not the plane. It's winter. You're still trying to work to. You are still trying to work too hard. So I was having a conversation with David this morning.

[00:35:53] He's like, I have so many things to do. I just don't feel like doing them. And I was like, yeah, it's winter chill. It's fine. Nothing needs to be done today that can’t be done tomorrow. And I know that's not like traditionally very boss thing to say, but I'm saying it, I'm saying it's fine for you to say fuck off to your inbox today.

[00:36:12] Totally. You'll get it back to what you'll get you'll you will get to it tomorrow or the next day. And otherwise rest when you can in the way that you need. And that's like forever rest when you can, in the way that you need rest, when you can in the way that you need the right now, you can at least some so take advantage of it and otherwise.

[00:36:40] Another piece of this. Cause this may, if you feel kind of gross now, sorry, that's probably your relationship with rest, but I want to say, do one of the mantras that I have. That I have adopted for myself. I shared this, at the time of recording this, I think I'm sharing it this week in a brewed in our email, which I highly recommend you go sign up for.

[00:37:03] It is doing a great job. I'm loving putting it together. The entire team. One of the things that I shared is a mantra that I have adopted for myself that I want to infuse in your mind, because I do also believe in this, like, you know, if we all raise our vibrations and, you know, become happier one way or the other, we can, it's easier for everyone to achieve it.

[00:37:25] If we're all sort of going there together. Right. One of the mantras that I have adopted for myself that I encourage you to repeat just occasionally or just one. After I say it, if you, if it resonates with you, they'll when you adopt it for yourself forever, if you'd like to, but that is, I am optimistic about the future.

[00:37:45] I am optimistic about the future and it is in that optimism about the future that this pandemic will figure itself out. Supply chains will figure themselves out. My work, my business, this podcast, they're all going to be fine. Actually better than fine. They're going to be good. I'm not going to go great yet.

[00:38:08] We're still in a pandemic, but I am optimistic about the future. And it is from this place of optimism that I am prioritizing rest now, because I'm not kidding about those boats and those pools and those bars and those restaurants and all of my friend's houses and parties. Oh my God. Y'all cannot wait to have a dinner party and all of these things.

[00:38:34] I am optimistic about the future, and I hope that you are too. And my action that I am taking right now to prove to myself that I am optimistic about the future is I'm resting. I'm so ready when the time comes. So that's it. That's my ramble for you today. I think I hope that resonated with. Surely, and I hope the team doesn't totally scratch this one, because these are all things that I've been wanting to come to say to you for a couple of weeks.

[00:39:10] These are things that I've experienced personally. These are the things that I have experienced or seen, in those close to me. And it's the things that I see in the greater Being Boss community, in that space that we hold. So rest boss, I give you permission. You don't need it. You don't need it and you certainly don't need it from me, but if you're looking for it, I'm giving you permission to rest, figure out the ways in which you most want to do it and do it.

[00:39:39] And you can do it with kids. I don't want, actually, I literally don't want to hear an excuse. I don't. And I was sitting here thinking of all the, like really big, scary, you know, life situations and, and yes, but I think everyone can find five minutes. Even if it's getting up five minutes earlier to do a little bit of yen yoga in the floor before you need to begin your day, ensure your trading sleep for yen yoga.

[00:40:08] But if sleep isn't making you feel very rested, but you know, yen yoga does make the trade, make the trade. We all have power over our days. If you're listening to this, you're literally choosing to listen to this podcast right now. I gave you a permission to skip the next podcast. It better not be Being Boss, but it can be.

[00:40:29] And instead do something that you find restful. If this is what you find wrestle also high five on that double whammy, but in all, prioritize the thing is an important part of the process. And I want to see you rock it out, rock it out, which is why I'm encouraging you to take care of yourself. And with Adam done, thank you for hanging with me for this one.

[00:40:58] I hope to see you in your PJ's. So very soon.

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