Episode 288

Becoming a Top Food Blogger and Author with Joy the Baker

February 8, 2022

What does it look like to run a profitable blog? In this episode, Emily of Being Boss chats with Joy the Baker, a successful food blogger, author, and teacher. Joy shares her process of becoming a self-taught baker, monetizing her blog, and publishing several cookbooks. They discuss how to make a business out of doing what you love, and ways for online businesses to stand out in the real world.

Episode Transcript
"There are always times, even with things that you love, where you just don’t feel like doing it. But you have to do it anyway."
- Joy Wilson

Discussed in this Episode

  • How Joy became a self-taught baker
  • The creative mindset required for a baking business
  • How project management looks for a food blogger and author
  • Blog monetization and creating multiple streams of revenue
  • Choosing the problems you want to have in your business
  • Joy’s experience starting an in-person baking school
  • How online brands can find ways to thrive in the real world

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