Episode 311

Create A Marketing Plan That Works with Nikki Nash

July 19, 2022

Having a marketing plan is vital to your business if you ever want it to go anywhere. In this episode, Emily interviews Nikki Nash, author of Marketing Your Genius. They discuss tips for creating a marketing calendar, how to market yourself to your audience, and the most important part of marketing for your business.

Episode Transcript
"Stuff will happen— things will change. If you don’t have a plan, you won’t be able to adjust anything."
- Nikki Nash

Discussed in this Episode

  • Signs you need a marketing plan
  • How to simplify your first marketing plan if you’ve never had one before
  • Setting up annual, quarterly, and monthly marketing plans
  • The importance of putting things on a calendar
  • How to make marketing fun
  • The most important part of a marketing plan

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