Podcast Episode #24 // How to Fall in Love with Yo...

Podcast Episode #24 // How to Fall in Love with Your Business with Jennifer Dopazo

If you’re are feeling overwhelmed by your to-do lists or by what you should be doing or supposed to be doing for your dream job, we’re welcoming guest, Jennifer Dopazo to help us give you advice on how to fall back in love with your business by carving out your own business path and finding your way through passion projects.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Getting lost in the maze of “shoulds” as your own boss and in a creative field
  • Finding your own way and process of building your business
  • How passion projects can help you fuel your business and lead to new opportunities
  • Using collaboration and asking for help to create things you would have otherwise never been able to do on your own

Jennifer Dopazo Enough for the day


'If you want something, just go do it, or at least figure out one step that could get you closer.' -@JenniferDopazo Click To Tweet There are no blueprints, methods or shortcuts. It has to come from your heart and people will follow. @JenniferDopazo Click To Tweet If you can make your idea bigger by bringing in a person with another skill, that's the magic point. -@JenniferDopazo Click To Tweet 'Your clients teach you your boundaries and they teach you your limits.' -@JenniferDopazo Click To Tweet I used to think my passion project had nothing to do with my business, but it's become a manifesto. -@JenniferDopazo Click To Tweet 'For me, success means that I wake up and I don't see work as work. I really need to love it.' -@JenniferDopazo Click To Tweet Try to hang out with the people who are really going to make you love what you do and not dread it. -@JenniferDopazo Click To Tweet 'You can be very successful by doing things that are not the ordinary way of business.' -@JenniferDopazo Click To Tweet 'Be gentle to yourself. There has to be a moment where you realize that's enough for today.' -@JenniferDopazo Click To Tweet If you have something you really want to do, reach out to people and ask for help to make it reality. @JenniferDopazo Click To Tweet

Jennifer Dopazo Get one step closer

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