August 11, 2015

Episode #32 // Face Your Fears Like A Boss

Today we’re talking about the five biggest fears of creative entrepreneurs and the patterns of fear we’ve seen from the hundreds of creatives we coach and work with. We’re getting specific about what we’re afraid of so that we can the find courage and clarity to get back to work like a boss.

'Money is energy.' -@andkathleen Click To Tweet 'I think it's especially important for women to talk about money—and talk specifics. Talk numbers.' -@andkathleen Click To Tweet 'Whenever you're afraid of what everyone will think, you're usually afraid of 2 or 3 specific people.' -@andkathleen Click To Tweet 'People who are fearless hold themselves accountable to something outside of themselves.' -@andkathleen Click To Tweet You may not like the scenery on your path, but you just have to keep walking until the scenery changes. -@andkathleen Click To Tweet 'Nothing is happening to you—you are making it happen, and you can always change your mind.' -@andkathleen Click To Tweet 'Be gentle with yourself whenever you're setting first time goals.' -@EmilyM_Thompson Click To Tweet 'Think about your worst case scenario in hand with your best case scenario.' -@EmilyM_Thompson Click To Tweet 'Don't think of it as a failure, think of it as an experiment in life and business.' -@EmilyM_Thompson Click To Tweet 'Fear of what someone will think shouldn't keep you from doing it, it should make you work harder.' -@EmilyM_Thompson Click To Tweet 'If you put your heart and soul into something and you create something of value, people care.' -@EmilyM_Thompson Click To Tweet 'If you don't have the capacity in this moment to get over your fears, find someone to help you.' -@EmilyM_Thompson Click To Tweet

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"Whenever you're afraid of what everyone will think, you're usually afraid of 2 or 3 specific people."
- Kathleen Shannon


  • Emily & Kathleen's biggest fears and points of stress
  • Fear of Money: spending, not having enough, & talking about it
  • Fear of Failure: not hitting your goals
  • Fear of Everyone
  • Fear of Nobody
  • Fear that you're going down the wrong path



Create something of value
Hold yourself accountable as a creative entrepreneur