Podcast Episode #41 // Social Media, Newsletters, ...

Podcast Episode #41 // Social Media, Newsletters, and Content Marketing

Should I have a newsletter? Should I be on Facebook? Should I be on Twitter? Should I be on Instagram? Should I be on Pinterest? Should I be blogging? Should I have a podcast? These are all things our listeners often ask us, so today we’re digging into content marketing and give you some casual, practical advice on how to make it work for you as a boss.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Answering the “Should I be doing___?” question
  • Pros and cons of newsletters and our personal experience with newsletters
  • Keeping personal social media accounts and business social media accounts separate or together
  • Sharing spectrums and boundaries
  • Nurturing social media platforms for different purposes
  • Pinterest as a tool vs. Pinterest as a traffic source
  • The changing world of blogging
  • Podcasting as content marketing
  • YouTube/video content marketing


Go where your energy is


If you’re asking 'Should I be doing ___?' The answer is probably no, or you’d already be doing it. Click To Tweet I don't think should be doing anything that you aren't excited about. Click To Tweet For makers: Your audience isn't just buying what you're making, they're buying a piece of you. Click To Tweet Do whatever makes you most prolific and go where your energy already is. Click To Tweet Content marketing is about building trust, building relationships, and creating conversations. Click To Tweet

Brand responsibility


It's your right to sell what you do in your email marketing but it's balancing nurture and… Click To Tweet Whatever you put out on social media, people will judge your business by it. Click To Tweet Find which social media platforms your people use and nurture the community in those places. Click To Tweet For people who want to grow a website, the blog piece of that puzzle is very important for SEO. Click To Tweet 'It is your brand's responsibility for having a place on social platforms to add value. Click To Tweet

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