December 8, 2015

Episode #49 // Self Care and Herbal Medicine with Lindsay Kluge

Herbalist and nutrition expert, Lindsay Kluge of Ginger Tonic Botanicals, is joining us today on Being Boss to talk about herbal medicine, the mind-body connection, and self-care. Because even as you’re doing the work to be boss, it’s important to make sure you’re treating your body right too!.

'Your body is designed to be happy. Your mind has a reality that your body just creates.' -Lindsay Kluge Click To Tweet 'At least 30 minutes of daily happy really helps us to create the things that we most ideally want.' -Lindsay Kluge Click To Tweet 'Spend 20 minutes per day enjoying what's happening outside. Always be connected with the season.' -Lindsay Kluge Click To Tweet 'People gravitate toward things in nature that make them feel better—that's your herbal ally.' -Lindsay Kluge Click To Tweet 'Spirituality really helps you develop the external openness to listen to yourself more intuitively.' -Lindsay Kluge Click To Tweet 'Cultivating trust in your decisions stems mentally from being kind and loving with yourself. Period.' -Lindsay Kluge Click To Tweet 'Think of how much better you show up for people when you take care of yourself.' -Lindsay Kluge Click To Tweet 'Connecting yourself with anything that's living and that's around you, helps to ground you.' -Lindsay Kluge Click To Tweet 'We project emotion on everything. If it's constantly shitty and doubtful, that's how life shows up.' -Lindsay Kluge Click To Tweet 'Always learning more—being constantly exposed to what we don't know—helps keep the ego in check.' -Lindsay Kluge Click To Tweet

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"Your body is designed to be happy. Your mind has a reality that your body just creates."
- Lindsay Kluge


  • The benefits of working with and collaborating with a community
  • What makes herbs legitimate medicine
  • How do you deal when you're in a funk
  • Gratitude and happiness on a physiological level
  • How to use essential oils
  • Finding your herbal ally
  • Spirituality in earth and plant medicine
  • The mind / body connection and dealing with your ego


Herbs discussed in this episode:

  • Skullcap: Helps the body adapt to stress, tension, and tight shoulders
  • White sage: Used for "smudging." Burn white sage to clear negative energy from your space.
  • Rosemary (essential oil or culinary use): the smell of rosemary helps your mental clarity. Emily uses rosemary oil (aromatic) at her desk.
  • Holy basil (Tulasi): "It's like a hug in a cup!" Drink in tea form to uplift you in your heart space.
  • Thieves Oil: Rub a few drops (dilute in carrier oil) on bottom of feet to support a healthy immune system (anti bacterial).
  • Lavender Oil: Kathleen uses in humidifier (aromatic) for a better night's sleep or to aid in stress. This herb is calming and also aids in heart recovery for grieving/loss/lacking.
  • Ashwagandha: Good for hangovers (along with copious amounts of water)
  • Clary sage: Labor-inducing (Kathleen's experience)
  • Peppermint: Stomach soother

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