Episode 50

Meet Edgar with Laura Roeder

December 15, 2015

Laura Roeder, founder of Edgar—a new social media automation tool designed to prevent updates from going to waste—is joining us today on the Being Boss podcast to talk about harnessing the power of social media marketing for creative entrepreneurs and giving your content the attention it deserves.

Episode Transcript
"You created this amazing library of content. Don't just send it out once."
- Laura Roeder

Discussed in this Episode

  • Making the leap and coming to terms with the worst case scenario
  • How motherhood changes business / daily life
  • Personal brand vs. business brand and making that transition
  • Bootstrapping your business / self-funded business and angel investing
  • Founding B-School with Marie Forleo
  • Coming up with Edgar and how Edgar works to recycle content
  • Scheduling posts and post library automation
  • Is LinkedIn important too?

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