Episode 226

Q+A Part 1: Contractors, Company Culture, and Cold Calls

March 31, 2020

Emily recently hosted a Q&A session in the Being Boss Community, and now we’re publishing her answers in a two-part series. In this first episode, Emily tackles navigating uneasy feelings around onboarding a contractor into your top-secret processes, how to overcome overwhelm as a multi-passionate and totally prolific creative, how to maintain company culture as a remote team, how to determine the most important metrics to track in your business, and how to cold call like a boss.

Episode Transcript
"The key is to find the pieces of your company culture that are most important not only to you but to each of your employees."
- Emily

Discussed in this Episode

  • Question 1: "I'm beginning to scale my web design business by hiring some awesome design contractors for upcoming web projects, but I'm wondering how I protect my own web design process, which is proprietary. Of course, an NDA will be signed. But other than that, how do I fully immerse a contractor in what's needed to build a website in 5 days, without giving away the farm? Perhaps this is just the cost of business (and scaling)? Thanks!" - Kali of June Mango Design
  • Question 2: "How do you maintain multiple projects/businesses in a way that makes progress toward goals and doesn't feel scattered or overwhelmed? I love the variety of projects I have, but I feel disorganized and constantly juggling. Help!” - Kelli Manzano, mental health therapist and owner of Summit HealthWorks
  • Question 3: "How do you maintain your company culture when having a remote/virtual office with employees in different locations?" - Kim Dow, owner of Sass Magazine
  • Question 4: "How do you determine the best KPI's (key performance indicator) for your business growth/revenue? There are so many different things to track, how do you determine which ones are the most important, especially if you have multiple revenue streams." - Kim Dow
  • Question 5: "I'd love to hear your thoughts on cold-ish outreach to generate new business. Referrals have been huge for me, but I need to bring in some new customers as well." - Stephanie Peterson

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