Episode 227

Q+A Part 2: Scaling, Seasons, and Sales Funnels

April 7, 2020

Emily recently hosted a Q&A session in the Being Boss Community, and now we’re publishing her answers in a two-part series. In this second episode, Emily answers questions about scaling a business based on highly personalized services, dealing with the lack of inspiration, readying your business for starting a family, and more.

Episode Transcript
"You are a creative. You know the creative projects that are right or wrong for you inherently."
- Emily

Discussed in this Episode

  • Question 1: "I'd really like to work with organizations from my local community - schools, libraries etc. But (graphic design) budgets seem to be very limited if they exist at all. Any tips for working with small budgeted clients... other than pro bono?" - Lindsey Winkler of Umbrella Creative Co
  • Question 2: "I would like to move away from client work eventually. To do this, I would like to scale the thing I do one on one and probably put it into a course. The issue is that what I do is HIGHLY personalized (astrology & human design) so I have no clue how I can put that into a course. Aside from teaching the systems I use BEFORE getting to the application of the systems, I'm not sure how to scale to serve many at once. Ideas or things I should think about?” - Lexie Rollet of Alexandria Astrology
  • Question 3: "When an idea, event or project starts to feel uninspiring, annoying or just plain don't want to do it... any tips on how to pinpoint if that feeling is coming from fear, laziness or gut instinct to drop the thing? Thanks!!" - Erika Neumayer of Rare Dirndl
  • Question 4: "It's cold, dark and wet here in the UK at the moment. I have 10 years before my daughter grows up and moves out (by which time I'll be somewhere sunny and hot). In the meantime, how do you cope when the season is not especially encouraging to productivity..." - Caroline Danks
  • Question 5: "I'm planning on starting a family this year or early next. I run a little design and web business that really only has enough work for me, so I'm not sure how to hire contractors to take over my work while I'm on a short mat leave while still getting a paycheck. Worried about losing clients while I'm away, or a contractor stealing them etc…" - Colleen Keith, a graphic and web designer at Colleen Keith Design
  • Question 6: "I have two primary revenue streams in my business: done-for-you PR services (high price, tight profit margin) and a membership site (low price, big profit margin). It's clear to me that growing my membership site is what's going to allow me to serve more people, scale my business, and increase overall profits. But it currently accounts for only a small percentage of my overall revenue. How do you approach time allocation for your different revenue streams? What factors do you consider?" - Dana Kaye, owner of Kaye Publicity
  • Question 7: "Any recommendations for talking to potential clients about your "team" on a sales call? Wondering how to position the conversation if I may not be the primary designer for their project…" - Kali Edwards, a web designer and founder of June Mango Design
  • Question 8: "Any thoughts on how to tackle mapping out your services in a customer lifecycle style to layout what to offer customer next, given their stage, to keep them in your sales funnel? I understand the value of doing this, but would love some ideas on organizing all my thoughts around it. i.e. creating a full-funnel marketing strategy." - Stephanie Peterson

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