Episode #130 // Getting a Book Agent with Laura Lee Mattingly

Laura Lee on getting a book agent on Being Boss Podcast

In case you haven’t heard, we are writing a book that will be published Spring 2018! So we’ve got our book agent, Laura Lee Mattingly of Present Perfect Dept. on the show to talk all about the process of writing a book and getting it traditionally published as a creative entrepreneur. We’re talking everything from […]

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Episode #129 // Committing to Your Passion Project with Kendra Aronson

Passion projects with Kendra Aronson on Being Boss Podcast

What happens when you commit yourself to a passion project and don’t let go? Kendra Aronson is on the podcast sharing her story of how she launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund her popular cookbook after the passion project wouldn’t leave her mind. This episode is brought to you by: Small Business Accounting Software […]

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Episode #128 // Pinterest for Your Brand with Natalie Hughes

Natalie Hughes Pinterest for Business on Being Boss Podcast

We all know social media is important for your business, but how can you really leverage it to work for you? We’ve got Natalie Hughes of The Fashion Digital sharing her social media secrets—specifically around building a Pinterest presence that drives traffic and can help you make money. This episode is brought to you by: […]

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Episode #127 // The Comparison Trap with Vasavi Kumar

Vasavi Kumar on Being Boss Podcast

As creative entrepreneurs, it’s easy to play the comparison game and get stuck in the comparison trap, so we’ve got coach, Vasavi Kumar, joining us to talk about how to manage that comparison game and cultivate an unshakable sense of confidence—whether you’re comparing yourself to someone more accomplished than yourself or paralyzed by the guilt […]

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