Finding the Faith to Persevere

September 23, 2016
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"My experience has shown me that if I do the work, I'm going to have a payoff."
- Emily Thompson


Today's minisode question comes from Being Boss Clubhouse member, Janelle:

Janelle HardyJanelle Hardy is an artist with a passion for helping people feel alive and connected to their bodies and creative spirits. At  she teaches an 8 week online course/circle called Personal Mythmaking, which weaves creative writing prompts, storytelling, fairytales and embodiment work together in small groups, rewriting our lives into beauty, wholeness and joy.  With a sweet, soft spot for people feeling stuck and frustrated, she also offers 10-day intensives on difficult emotions like anger, grief and shame.

Janelle has taught at colleges, universities, as well as in her living room and online. She studied Anthropology (BA), Dance (MA), and Structural Integration (correcting posture through movement lessons and deep-tissue massage) as well as carpentry, and maintains a daily creative practice. She connects and inspires every week with her Sunday Morning Pleasures e-letter:

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