Would You Return to a Full-Time Job?

September 30, 2016

Today’s minisode is all about whether or not we would return to a full-time job or if at this point, we’re completely unemployable—especially when we have a variety of skills and interests.

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"When we work for ourselves, we have the freedom to create whatever it is that we want to create."
- Kathleen Shannon


Today's minisode question comes from Being Boss Clubhouse member, Sarah:

Sara CrowderSarah E Crowder is a food photographer who specializes in audience-building images for small-batch producers. After paving a proven track record with images that compel consumers to click with Meredith Corporation and Apartment Therapy Media, she began offering the benefits of this expertise to small businesses doing big, delicious things. Learn more at saraecrowder.com.

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Emily Thompson 1:27
Hello, and welcome to being boss in this minisode we're talking all about maybe if we want to return to a full time job.

Kathleen Shannon 1:42
We've got a question from clubhouse member sarah e Crowder, take a listen.

Sarah E Crowder 1:49
Hey, Emily, and Kathleen, this is Sarah e Crowder. I'm a food photographer. And I work primarily with small batch producers. I was wondering whether or not at this point in your careers as business owners if you consider yourself quote, unquote, unemployable. And what I mean by that is, if you could ever imagine working for someone else, not necessarily being strictly your own boss, I've been at this for about a year. And at the beginning, my plan was to eventually get a staff position but even just as far along in it, and I'm already starting to feel like it might be hard to go back to that kind of position after being my own boss for a while. So just curious to hear your thoughts on that. Thank you so much for all you're doing with the podcast and in the clubhouse. I know it's helped me out a lot.

Kathleen Shannon 2:46
I'm excited about this question. My thing, only because I fantasize about a full time day job pretty much every day. I want to talk about elite. I'm completely unemployable.

Emily Thompson 2:59
Yet no one wants me Trust me. You do not want me.

Kathleen Shannon 3:03
Everyone wants me, but you can't afford it.

Emily Thompson 3:09
Good. So it's funny just yesterday, I've had a really grouchy couple of days things about that time in the month. And I was literally think I told David yesterday just sort of grouchy my to do list is full of things that I'm not super excited about at the moment. And mine's a little less mine's a little less usually about a full time job and more about being just a stay at home mom and sending david back to work because I think I'd be a rockin stay at home mom for like a week and then I would go batshit crazy, then you come up with a business plan. Right and then you just won't be able to stop me so um, but I've also a couple years ago I applied for a job like as kind of dreamy job as a I don't even remember what it was like a shit. Yeah, it sounds really right wasn't a dream. He was like it's something to do with like the park system in Austin. I can't remember but it was like it was like a legit position.

Kathleen Shannon 4:18
We I thought David applied for that job.

Emily Thompson 4:20
He he applied for a ranger job I applied and this is not

Kathleen Shannon 4:26
Oh, it wasn't I just want to say I remember David Platt applying for like a state park job.

Emily Thompson 4:31
This was a little bit before that. This probably would have been while you and I were hanging out that I did a secret. I probably like from everyone except for David. Um, but but I did. I applied for a job and I didn't ever hear anything back but it was just like a, I don't know, just a shot in the dark to see if something would happen. It didn't say I didn't think about it and care. I can't remember what it was for. Obviously, not that much of an impact. But I've certainly thought about it before. I mean I skills, mad skills, but I also have so many skills in such a weird niche areas that no one's ever gonna hire me for anything. But I have certainly dreamed about it, especially when shit gets tough or I don't know the moon phases change or whatever is happening. Think about it all the time.

Kathleen Shannon 5:24
Mine is I get to work with so many amazing creative entrepreneurs through braid creative, that I'm always convinced I should be doing what they're doing I've worked with

Emily Thompson 5:37
this is Kathleen just wanting to do everything

Kathleen Shannon 5:39
I just want to do everything. But um, my most serious bout of really thinking about tn day job was with my friends Justin and Audrey who we've had on the podcast at they work, they own a little shop called shop good. And I would daydream about like, I could go work for them and launch and build their like entire online part of their business since I love doing business online. But then I could also work in the shop, which is they carry Warby Parker and I could just wear Warby Parker glasses

Emily Thompson 6:12
all by yourself in the mirror with Warby Parker,

Kathleen Shannon 6:16
all day, have a reason to get dressed. And then I'll fantasize about working for another agency. So I have a couple of guy friends who own an agency here locally, and sometimes their stuff gets hard. I'm like, I'm just gonna go work for them. But then whenever I follow that fantasy through, I think I would be doing the exact same thing that I'm doing myself, but for someone else, and probably less pay. So then I get real extreme with my day job fantasy. And I started to think about working at Sephora in the mall. And just getting to play with makeup all day. Yeah, that's a that's a serious fantasy. So then I started watching YouTube videos, literally called why I quit working at Sephora, and I listened to people's horror stories about working in that kind of customer service, even though I still think I would rock at it. Anyway, but I then I do the math, and I make too much money to go back to working a day job. And that's another thing is that there is no cap on how much money we can make. So yeah, could become millionaires with this thing. That's not gonna happen at a day job.

Emily Thompson 7:26
No, and I think that's, that's definitely one of the things that keep me grounded in what it is that I'm doing now is you know, even if you're not making right now what you want to be making, you can get there and then go far beyond it if you want. Whereas if you're in a day job, there is a ceiling that you're never really going to get past no matter how hard you work. And you can work just as hard for someone else, and still only ever make that salary. Whereas if you're doing that for yourself, and you're learning the things, one, you're going to be like growing and becoming a better person consistently and smarter and all those bad things. But it will turn into revenue. Every not every time most times hopefully is the goal. But in that revenue only has potential to grow and grow. And you can never have that as a day job, or in a day job. I think that's the one of the things that keeps me going. I love the idea of working smarter, not harder. In a day job, you're encouraged to work harder, when you're working for yourself, you're encouraged to work smarter, and working smarter pays better.

Kathleen Shannon 8:32
I also think that the thing we take for granted because we've been doing this for ourselves for so long is the freedom and flexibility to not only work out in the middle of the day, or wear whatever we want, or decide to not shower, we also have the freedom and flexibility to create whatever it is that we want to create and to become experts in whatever it is that we really want to be known for. And that, to me is priceless whenever it comes to working a day job or not. But I do want to say for our day job friends out there, there are so many good things about working a day job, you can learn a new skill or expertise on someone else's dime. And I think that's definitely a great thing to do. You can build in some mentorships and get a lot of guidance in what it is that you want to be doing. I would not be the designer that I am today if it weren't for my day jobs. So I do think that there is a lot of value and validity to it. I just know that I can never go back.

Emily Thompson 9:36
Amen to that. As much as I may fantasize about it. I'm much more fantasize about the life that I know I can create with this. Those are much more magical thoughts than the idea of working for someone else again. And no one wants me serious. I've worked for myself For far too long.

Kathleen Shannon 10:02
I talked to you recently though, and I do want to bring this up is our friend Val geyser, who's been on the podcast, she took on a job as a marketing, email outreach. Sorry, Val, I don't know exactly what you do at ConvertKit. And I think it's because a lot of folks at ConvertKit wear so many hats. And I do think that if I were to go back to a day job, it would be something like that, where it's at a startup kind of company that has a lot of flexibility built into it. Like I think that there are a lot of jobs that have created the kind of culture that feels more like working for yourself. And so if I were to go back to a day job, I think that doing something like that would be great. And really utilizing a day job that has a platform with a bigger reach than I have alone. Like, I can only wonder what ConvertKit has actually done for Val's own personal brand, you know, like having kind of more reach. So I think that you could strategically go back to a day job, and you don't even have to think about it as going back to a day job, but going forward into a new experience. And I think that you can have an entirely different day job experience than you traditionally thought that you could have. So I think that there's a lot of opportunity and options. But again, I think I'm unemployable through that only because I can't go back. I keep coming around to I could not go back to day job.

Emily Thompson 11:33
Yeah, I don't think I I forgot about Val. And I've talked to Val about it how far Val is it seems like it's a pretty sweet gig. And it would have to be a really sweet gig. If it was the right gig, like legit and paid really what I'm the kind of pay were like, comparable to what I'm doing now. But completely, never have to worry about it again, would be nice. But even then, like day jobs are not forever. People get fired all the time, at least whenever you're working for yourself, you see it coming. Whereas if you're working a day job, they can choose to fire you at any moment. So all kinds of things. I think it's not quite for me either. But I do think about it all the time.

Kathleen Shannon 12:15
Thank you so much for your questions, Sarah. I can't wait to hear from you in the clubhouse as to whether or not you decide to take a day job. So what's the secret to being boss? The secret is that there is no secret. There is no single formula course or book that will teach you what you need to know in order to have anything and everything you want.

Emily Thompson 12:39
But here's what we've learned along the way. Being boss is setting up a solid foundation built on intention. It's understanding how to define success on your terms. It's committing to big ass goals. And it's breaking those big ass goals down into small actionable steps.

Kathleen Shannon 12:59
It's about making faster decisions, trusting yourself to see it through enjoying the process along the way, knowing how to measure what's working and what isn't. And surrounding yourself with smart, ambitious friends along the way. Those are the secrets to how bosses get what they want.

Emily Thompson 13:17
We know you want an online business that allows you to make money doing what you love, and boss we've got you. The being boss clubhouse is where we teach you how to be boss of your life and work.

Kathleen Shannon 13:29
That being boss clubhouse is a two day online real time retreat, followed by 12 months of ongoing community support, monthly masterclasses and secret podcast episodes. We're only accepting 25 members for our next online retreat. Learn more and apply to join at being boss club slash clubhouse.

Emily Thompson 13:49
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