Episode 239

PART 2: The Future of Being Boss

August 18, 2020

In this final part of the biggest conversation we’ve ever shared at Being Boss, Michelle Khouri wraps up her interview of Emily and Kathleen by covering how they’ll share content that they created together, what support systems they leaned on for this decision, what’s next for Kathleen, and what the future holds for Being Boss. Listen to Part 1 of this interview: https://beingboss.club/podcast/the-being-boss-partnership

Episode Transcript
"Being Boss is being in it together, but it's also staying committed even when you're doing it alone."
- Emily

Discussed in this Episode

  • How Kathleen and Emily dealt with Conference during the pandemic shutdown
  • How the 85/15 ownership split turned into 100/0
  • How Kathleen and Emily are sharing ownership of content/services they have created together
  • Where they each found their support systems
  • What the future of Being Boss looks like
  • What's on the horizon for Kathleen

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Emily Thompson


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