Episode 306

Growing A Retail Store

June 14, 2022

In this episode, Emily and Corey of Being Boss talk about the changes that are taking place in Emily’s crystal shop, Almanac Supply Co. She shares the process of growing an in-person store, how she found her dream retail space, and what she’s learned from owning a retail business so far.

Episode Transcript
"The more time you waste making a decision, the more time you’re screwing yourself out of execution."
- Emily

Discussed in this Episode

  • How Emily was able to lease her dream retail space
  • What it looks like to boss up and learn to build stuff
  • Moving from the old store to the new space
  • How the Almanac retail store has changed since the move
  • Plans for Almanac as it continues to grow
  • Taking risks and learning new skills when growing a retail business

Resources Mentioned