Episode 264

Opening a Retail Store

August 3, 2021

Emily opened a store! While Almanac Supply Co. has been running successfully online since 2018, it was finally time to open a physical retail space to get these beautiful crystals and home goods in the hands of customers. In this episode of Being Boss, Corey joins in as co-host to help Emily share the fun, wild story of how Almanac Supply Co. suddenly met a dire need for its own in-person shop, and how exactly she and the team made it happen— in under one month. Emily and Corey discuss the magic in bridging online and offline business with the epic example that is Almanac Supply Co.

Episode Transcript
"Business, I believe, happens best when it bridges the gap betwee online and offline."
- Emily

Discussed in this Episode

  • Emily’s process of opening a brick and mortar retail store in just a few weeks
  • How Almanac Supply Co. came to be, what they sell, and why
  • Emily’s “Aha” moment of bridging online and offline business
  • The exciting story of Almanac evolving quickly from an appointment-only showroom to a retail location, thanks to too many customers
  • Emily’s perspective on worry and stress when opening a business
  • How Almanac had its successful opening day (organically!)
  • Decorations and signage of the new shop, including an old, upcycled door

Resources Mentioned